Randy Quaid, who plays a sheep rancher in the acclaimed Brokeback Mountain, is suing the film’s producers to get more money for his work on the movie. The 55 year old actor claims that the producers lied to him about the nature of the production, saying it was going to be a small, low-budget art-house film and that they couldn’t afford to pay him very much.

Quaidsays that as a result, he accepted an unusually small fee for the role; setting aside his standard seven-figure rate as well as a percentage in the profits.

The suit, filed in a Los Angeles court, claims that the producers had planned from the outset that Brokeback “would not be made on a low budget, would be given a worldwide release, and would be supported as the studio picture it always was secretly intended to be”.

He is asking for at least $10 million in damages. The prolific Oscar-nominated actor has appeared in films like Independence Day and Not Another Teen Movie.

Brokeback Mountain has earned more than $158,315,067 around the world since its realise. The film, which won Academy Awards for best director, original score and adapted screenplay, reportedly cost between $13.9 million an $15 million to make.

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