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I’ve been wondering about chemsex lately…: For many in our community, sex and substance use are closely linked. In this article, anonymous opens up about his experience with chemsex.
Male 2 Male health | My chemsex experience: As a gay man, chemsex was the ultimate high. It was a confidence booster and the sex was fantastic. But ultimately it left me feeling fake, empty and out of control.
Health: There is someone in our corner: I am a 48-year-old gay male who recently contracted the hepatitis B virus. This is my story. It all started late last
And…Cut! A double circumcision story: Circumcision is a controversial topic. Pros and cons exist for men who are cut, and men who are not. In 2007, I decided
A CONFESSION: LETTING MY GUARD DOWN: Shortly before my 28th birthday, I discovered that a friend of mine was HIV positive. He wasn’t a very close friend,
CROSSING OVER (An anonymous writer’s reflection on drug culture): When I was in high school my poodle got tick bite fever and because we lived
GAY NATIVITY SCENE SHOCKS ITALY: Italian law-makers have expressed outrage over the addition of two dolls representing a gay couple into a nativity scene in Parliament.
HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH SLATES CIVIL UNION BILL: The New York based Human Rights Watch has urged Parliament to grant full civil marriage rights to lesbian and gay Couples, not ‘Civil Unions’.
BEETROOT BATTLE AT WORLD AIDS CONFERENCE: Beetroot, lemon, garlic and African potato were at the heart of conflict between SA's Health Minister and activists at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto last week.
BUSH ACCUSED OF DAMAGING AIDS POLICIES: US support of abstinence-only HIV prevention programmes has been slammed as insipient neo-colonialism and illegitimate.