A row has broken out over allegations that murdered mining magnate Brett Kebble made use of the services of a male prostitute. The Rapport newspaper claimed on Sunday that this had been confirmed by police officers working on the murder case.

The report claims that Kebble regularly met with male sex workers, including a man named Vaughn (his last name has not been released), paying up to R1000 for sex. It has also been alleged that he bought Vaughn a car and paid for his accommodation.

The wealthy and controversial 41 year old Kebble, a married father of four, was shot dead in his car in September last year in Johannesburg – leading to frenzied speculation as the motive for the murder, which some have claimed was an assassination. Apparently, police made the link between Kebble and the sex workers through his mobile phone records.

Kebble’s family has responded to the claims with outrage, his brother, Guy Kebble, telling the Beeld newspaper that the allegations were “absolute rubbish”, adding that media was conducting a “reign of terror” on the family.

The ongoing murder investigation, which has been shrouded in secrecy, continues to make sensational newspaper headlines – most recently after police erroneously raided a Johannesburg man’s house believing that he was linked to the murder. This was apparently found not to be the case.

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