Police have clarified the events that lead to the death of Jacob Robida, the man who attacked three people in a Massachusetts gay bar last week.

18 year old Robida, a fugitive following the attack, appeared to have been mortally wounded by police in a shootout in Arkansas on Saturday. He later died in hospital from his wounds. Now an autopsy report suggests that he actually shot himself in his car.

Initial reports had also said that one of the people killed in the shootout between police and Robida was a woman who was in a police car. It now appears as if the woman, identified as Jennifer Rena Bailey, 33, was in fact also in Robida’s car and was an acquaintance of his that he picked up before going on the run.

Police say that Robida also shot Bailey before turning the gun on himself and that none of their bullets penetrated the suspect’s car.

Robida had earlier fatally shot Jim Sell, a policeman. He was wanted by the authorities after he was identified as the man who attacked and wounded three men with a hatchet and a gun in Puzzles Lounge, a gay bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Police have confirmed that they found a handwritten note in Robida’s room at his mother’s home addressed to his mother, which suggested that he was intending to either kill himself or be killed. They have not yet released the specific details of the note’s contents.

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