Jewish Outlook, a new South African Jewish LGBTI support organisation is to be launched on July 6.

The organisation was formed in the wake of the recent national tour by gay Orthodox Rabbi Steven Greenberg, director Sandi Dubowski and his film Trembling Before G-d.

According to the founders of the organisation, the resulting controversy and discussions on the issue of homosexuality in the Jewish community have highlighted the need for a Jewish LGBTI support group.

The group has three main aims including; offering a support network to Jewish LGBTI people in the process of coming out, offering a social environment for Jewish LGBTI, and, finally, fulfilling the need for political representation of LGBTI people within the South African Jewish community.

The launch, which is open to all, is at 19h30 on the 6th of July at the Spark Gallery in Norwood, Johannesburg.

Guest speakers will include Laell Bethlehem, Director of Economic Development of the City of Johannesburg, and Dr. Anthony Joffe, a specialist in the field of public health.

For more information, or to r.s.v.p for the launch, contact Jewish Outlook via

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