SARA’s Colleen Makhubele Slammed for Anti-LGBTIQ+ Attack


SARA’s Colleen Makhubele claims that inclusive policies in schools are “transgender and gay propaganda” (Photo: Facebook)

Former Johannesburg Council Speaker Colleen Makhubele, who is contesting the elections under her new party, South African Rainbow Alliance (SARA), is perpetuating dangerous myths about so-called “transgender and gay propaganda” in schools.

The Daily Voice reported on Saturday that Makhubele had expressed her opposition to “the promotion” of gay rights in schools.

“The SARA policy vehemently rejects the introduction of transgender and gay propaganda in schools. SARA doesn’t want gay or LGBTQ rights forced on our children in schools, especially through the Bela (Basic Education Law Amendment) Bill,” she was quoted as saying.

Makhubele proclaimed that if the party came into power, SARA would introduce “Godly principles” and prayers during assembly in all schools.

According to the newspaper, Makhubele further asserted that parents enrol their children in schools to learn science, maths, technology, arts, and other skills and not learn how to be gay.

SARA describes itself as “a pact comprising like-minded minority parties, civic organisations, churches, and faith-based organisations across SA.” It will contest the elections nationally and provincially, in Gauteng and Limpopo, on 29 May 2024.

Weaponising LGBTIQ+ Inclusion 

Makhubele’s misinformed stance feeds into false narratives that suggest making schools more inclusive and affirming of LGBTIQ+ people is a form of “propaganda”, “grooming”, or trying to “make” children LGBTIQ+.

These views are part of a growing move by conservative religious groups to weaponise the promotion of diversity and inclusion for all as a means to create division and fear among parents and society at large.

An organisation called the South African Queer Movement (SAQM) slammed Makhubele’s “unfortunate and reckless hate” comments in a statement. 

“The anti-LGBTQIA+ attack by Colleen Makhubele goes against the very foundational principles of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa,” said the group. “Furthermore, the Bill of Rights in the Constitution also advocates for the human rights of all people in our country and affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality, and freedom.”

SAQM continued: “Like all human beings, queer individuals are members of schooling communities, church groups, and society at large, therefore anything that affects them should affect everyone else within those communities.”

It urged South Africa’s queer community not to vote for SARA, accusing it of wanting to “reverse the gains of democracy in South Africa.”

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