Mr Gay World 2023: New delegate to represent South Africa


Markus Coetzee is a pilot, businessman, and child welfare activist

The organisers of the upcoming Mr Gay World 2023 contest in Cape Town have announced that a new delegate will represent South Africa.

Owing to unforeseen circumstances, the previous South African contestant, Juan Pinnick, has withdrawn from this year’s event.

Described as “a true beacon for LGBTQIA+ individuals”, pilot, businessman, and child welfare activist Markus Coetzee replaces Pinnick in the running for the international title. He joins a line-up of competitors from around the globe.

Coetzee, from Pretoria, South Africa, has a deep passion for bodybuilding and healthy living, which has afforded him the focus and drive to evolve in an ever-changing world that consistently demands more: more passion, more focus, more drive.

He cites Arnold Schwarzenegger’s quote as an influence: “The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.” Markus believes this to be true for every person he has met or with whom he has had discussions.

Coetzee says that he is privileged to be surrounded by strong people and visionaries who support each other daily. The ripple effect of this can be seen and felt by all with whom he comes into contact, and as such, he believes it is “our responsibility to always uplift and protect those who cannot speak or help themselves.”

He asserts: “We all have a duty to give back, as thanks for all our blessings. I proudly support and assist in promoting Unchain Our Children, a non-profit organisation based in Pretoria, which combats child prostitution, child abuse and other violations of human rights.”

“We welcome Markus to the contest and wish him well on his Mr Gay World journey!” said the organisers.

The Mr Gay World title will be presented to one deserving contestant at the Grand Finale, on Friday, the 27th of October, at Infinity Studios, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town.

You have the opportunity to vote for your favourite delegate at until 13.00 on 27 October. Your votes will be added to those of the judges, making up the final scores.

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