Smitten, awestruck, enchanted: 9 ways to say you’re in love


It’s the time of year when everybody seems to go gaga for love, thanks in no small part to the pervasive Valentine’s Day industry. It’s almost impossible to avoid and many of us simply give in to this (usually pricey) celebration of romance.

So, it’s quite possible that in the coming days you may feel the need to express your affection from the rooftops. Or simply pour your heart out in a social media post or card.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of alternative ways to say you’re in love that will thoroughly impress both bae, and the broader public that has to contend with your love-struck infatuation.

Say they’re the apple of your eye

In the 18th century, when this phrase first became popular, the term “apple” was often used to refer to the pupil of the eye. When saying someone was the apple of one’s eye, the phrase used to mean that this person was as essential in one’s life as the pupil was to vision – something to be truly cherished.

Say you’re enamoured with them

First used in the 16th century, using the word “enamoured” sounds a lot stronger than saying you’re in love with your significant other. This word encapsulates more than just passing affection, instead referring to rousing feelings of love, fascination and admiration.

Say they’ve bowled you over

Is your sweetheart a sports fan? Then they’ll love this cricket reference. If you want to, you can throw in that you’ve “met your match” for good measure, too.

Say you find them riveting

To be riveted by someone means that they capture your complete attention – and who wouldn’t want to hear that?

Say that they beguile you

The word “beguile” has an interesting history, referring to something or someone that “leads or draws by deception” when it first appeared some time during the 13th century. It was only when the undisputed master of romance, Shakespeare, used “beguiling” as a synonym for “charming”, that the word took on a more favourable definition, referring to something or someone that we find enjoyable.

Say that they’ve enraptured you

When a person enraptures you, they fill you with pure delight. This is, of course, characteristic of especially the first stages of a romantic relationship, and your darling will be thrilled to hear it.

Say they leave you spellbound

If your SO has a strong sense for the mystical, they’ll be excited to hear that they make you feel like you’ve been put under a spell by their charms. Skip this one if you get the idea that they wouldn’t like being referred to as a modern witch or warlock, though.

Say that they’re mesmerising

This word derives from the name of the father of hypnotism, the physician Franz Anton Mesmer, who used to treat patients with what he then called “animal magnetism”. If someone is mesmerising, it means that they are completely enthralling.

Say they’ve got you googly-eyed

Do your friends often tell you that you certainly look like you’re in love? You’re probably sporting those tell-tale googly eyes.

Good luck this Valentine’s Day. May the gods of love be with you!

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