Cedric Fourie: No ladies, being gay is not “a waste”


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After walking the red carpet with Lasizwe, Skeem Saam star and LGBTQI ally Cedric Fourie has clapped back at a woman on Twitter who said that being gay is “a waste”.

Fourie caused a stir on social media after he was photographed with his date, openly gay vlogger Lasizwe, at Thursday night’s Feather Awards. The two seemed positively loved up; holding hands, arm in arm and lighting up the red carpet.

When asked “what’s going on,” Fourie replied with a laugh, ” We’re stirring things up.” The SA Twitterverse exploded in speculation about Fourie’s sexuality.

Some suggested that it was all a publicity stunt and that they’re just friends, while others questioned why two men showing affection in public is so controversial.

One woman, however, appeared downright disgusted at the possibility that they might actually be a couple.

Sharing pictures of the stunning duo, QueenSamantha (@2ahtnamas2) tweeted: “This guy from #SkeemSam is gay… What a waste and to believe that I had a crush on him…”

Her offensive post quickly went viral, generating the usual social media mix of justified outrage and more homophobia.

Kuhle (@Liyo_Gee) commented: “Saying ‘what a waste’ is very inappropriate and disturbing. Wow calling someone a waste because you assume he is gay..”

Fourie himself responded to the furore with a memorable tweet: “Lol this experience has taught me a lot. Gay men are being called ‘waste’ by some bitter women who’ve just realised they’ll never have them. As if they’d have them if they were not gay. I will never stop being an ally to the LGBTQI+ community.”

He went on to add that the issue was bigger than him. “This is about that one boy/girl who’s being dragged in the gutters and being burnt for who he/she is. Let the focus be on that issue and others similar to those,” he said.

We love that Fourie and Lasizwe have stirred up a hornet’s nest on social media; enraging homophobes and sparking much-needed debates about sexuality and masculinity.

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