Online Chatter: The Tyson Beckford and Kim K “gay shade”


In this week’s weird-celeb-news roundup, reality star and business mogul, Kim Kardashian, alluded that international model and fitness trainer, Tyson Beckford, is gay after he body shamed her…


Okay, let’s try to understand this whole mess. So, The Shade Room posted a picture of Kim K, wearing a tight-fitting outfit accentuating her curves, and Beckford decided to just randomly comment that her body was not real and her doctor messed up her right hip… He added: “Sorry I don’t care for it personally.”


Oop- 😯 The tea this bitch just spillt 🤪 I love Kim so much

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We don’t know why he felt the need to make the comment, but Miss Kim K was not having it and clapped back at Beckford, with a line that insinuated that the reason why he didn’t find her body attractive, is because he is gay.

Then things got intense for the reality star as social media users were upset by her “clapback” saying it was homophobic.


Then there was a whole twar over who was wrong; Beckford for body shaming or Kim K for being homophobic.


Beckford responded to the claim about his sexuality by insisting that he is not gay, but added: “I support LGBTQ”.

Well then, if people just minded their own business, then we wouldn’t be here…


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