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Jenny's-Wedding-LR_screeningKatherine Heigl stars in this moving dramedy about coming out to your family and finding the courage to marry the love of your life.

Jenny’s Wedding follows Jenny Farrell (Heigl), the much loved eldest daughter of Eddie and Rose. She’s led an openly gay life with everyone except her closely-knit, very conventional, middle-class family.

Even her siblings, Michael and Anne have been left in the dark. Although they love each other, the Farrells don’t really know each other.

Jenny has kept her secret out of compassion for her parents, knowing they are happiest living in a small, safe and familiar world where they follow the rules rather than invent them.

The moment of truth arrives after a conversation with her father about why people marry. Realising she is missing out on having a full life, she decides to marry her partner Kitty, the woman they thought was her roommate.

The truth lands like a depth charge. Her parents are shocked to find out how little they know their daughter and fear becoming the object of gossip in their small, very conventional community. They ask Jenny not to tell anyone else.


From that point on, lie leads to lie, misunderstanding leads to misunderstanding, and long-standing grudges which have nothing to do with Jenny’s gay life are revealed. Rose and Eddie’s long marriage is tested, sibling rivalry boils over and when Jenny finally confronts her parents’ cowardice in public, the rupture between them is irreparable.

Jenny’s Wedding opens at cinemas on 28 August.

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