grooming_healthy_heartI hope that over the past festive season your heart rate only went up because of excitement and anticipation – and not because of bad drivers or shopping mall stress. For me, there was a big grin and some serious heart-thumping on Xmas morning but it was all good!

Fact is, we seldom think about our hearts, until suddenly there’s a fearful or exciting moment and the only thing you are aware of, is the sound of your heart beating; for better or for worse. Even scarier is when the doctor tells you that cholesterol is potentially obstructing your circulatory system and that the reassuring sound of your heart beating might be at risk.

LDL Cholesterol and other problems

Arteriosclerosis is when there’s a build-up of cholesterol, calcium and other deposits on the interior blood vessel walls and as a result your heart might have to work harder; leading to the onset of other problems. Low density lipids (LDL) or ‘bad’ cholesterol is one of the leading causes of death in the world and not the sort of topic you want to discuss at the beginning of a new year, but if you know about the problem, it can be corrected.

It’s also been discovered that a dysfunction of the inner walls of blood vessels and elevated homocysteine levels can further complicate this problem. At Health Renewal clinics, after a thorough consultation, the attending doctor will advise that one should not only test for cholesterol, but also for other dysfunctions. These can be treated holistically with prescription medication, nutraceuticals, anti-oxidants as well as a change in lifestyle. Being treated under expert medical supervision has the benefit that you will be taking the right medication, in the right quantities, for optimum function.


Although your diet might be healthy, supplementation for your health in general and some specific supplementation like vitamin K could help regulate the body by directing calcium to the bones where it is needed, keeping it away from the arteries. Studies have shown that a low vitamin K2 status can cause vascular calcification, which can be corrected with supplementation.


Anti-oxidants are extremely important for general health, heart health, the immune system and to slow down the signs of ageing. They neutralise free radicals and are classified as water soluble or fat soluble (both types are necessary for good health). Resveratrol (found in the skin of red grapes) is a water soluble anti-oxidant and can produce many of the same benefits as exercise, as well as normalising insulin levels.


A treatment called the Healthy Heart IV Cocktail Infusion is a mixture of essential phospholipids and is used for atherosclerosis – the fatty plaques in arteries and blood vessels, and reduces plaque build-up. In addition it lowers blood cholesterol and homocysteine levels. Whatever your individual need is, the right treatment and medication will be prescribed to get and keep you healthy.


Oh no, you are not getting away without some effort from your side as well! Examine your lifestyle as even small changes in your routine can make a big difference.

  • If you are smoking, you know you should quit. There is nothing good about it and you will feel better afterwards. If you need help to quit, that is available.
  • Jump on the scale with your eyes closed and open them just enough to see the bad news. Again, some small changes like reducing your alcohol, sugar and refined carbohydrate intake, in addition to increasing the veggies and salads, will show a good result within a week or two.
  • Get moving. No darling, not from the car to the couch. Go with the car via the gym to the couch. Or just take the dogs for a walk. They will love you for it and your body will show you how much it loves you.
  • Get plenty of sleep because it affects your metabolism and weigh: lack of sleep has been shown to affect levels of leptin and ghrelin—two of the hormones linked to appetite and eating behaviour.

Health Renewal clinics are focused on getting you healthy and keeping you healthy. It’s not just a script and off you go, it’s an in-depth understanding of how you can function at your best, live a high quality life and keep that heart beating for a long time.

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