baseball_hunk_shows_off_locker_room_twerking_skillsTwerking is not just for super butt-talented women, as proven by an American college baseball player who shakes his booty like a pro – and shows Miley Cyrus how it’s really done.

A video of North Carolina State Wolfpack player John Mangum (yes, that’s really his name) twerking and flaunting his manly posterior goodness in a locker room on camera has gone viral and we couldn’t be happier. In fact, we may just be in love.

The YouTube video actually consists of three separate videos originally posted online through the Vine app but as a collected work they go to show just how talented this sportsman truly is.

If a career in baseball doesn’t work out for Mangum we have no doubt that he’ll have no problem whatsoever securing a job as a male stripper.

Watch the shirtless and rather hot Mangum do his thang below and see if you agree.

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