Just imagine how terrified those world famous actors must be when they walk down the red carpet at a glittering awards ceremony.

They know the spotlight will be on them and that every move and flaw will be caught on camera.

If you thought a zit was a disaster before a big date, can you imagine what a little red bump does to their anxiety if discovered the day before the Oscars? Never mind the usual ravages of ageing, wrinkles and skin blemishes…

No matter if you’re famous or not, you still want a great complexion. If you can keep those dreaded blemishes and crepe paper skin at bay then why the hell not.

There’s a peel for every problem and they are very effective because they contain various ingredients that help skin rejuvenate and regenerate.

Whether it’s those dark marks that tend to develop after acne, brown spots, acne, pigmentation or whether it is an uneven skin tone, fine lines or ageing, there is a solution. Even dry and sensitive skin can be treated with no downtime.

Lamelleᆴ Medical Peels

After treatment with the mild Lamelleᆴ Medical Peels, your skin should appear normal.  But, if a stronger type of peel has been used there may be a little redness and you can expect some scaling during the next week.

A series of six treatments is usually recommended, or until the desired effect has been achieved. There is a cumulative beneficial effect and each time after treatment you will see an improvement. And don’t forget the sunblock!

These peels can be combined with other treatments such as anti-ageing or for more specific pigmentation problems. Your therapist will recommend how  long after Botoxᆴ and filler treatment it would be safe to do a peel, as well as which  other treatments will be of benefit to you.

Other Peels

Various other peels such as the alpha hydroxy ヨ and beta hydroxy peels also have no downtime and renew skin by lifting dead cells off the surface of the skin and stimulating the metabolism of the cells underneath.

They improve superficial lines and uneven pigmentation, resulting in skin looking softer and more radiant.

For those who need a slightly stronger peel, there is the TCA peel. This is associated with mild downtime (depending on the strength used) because there is obvious scaling after a few days (although if you are among friends that should not be a problem). All skin types can be treated.

Combination Treatments ヨ 3Dᆴ Peel

For slightly more advanced skin problems, the 3D Peel series will be performed by a doctor and they contain a range of ingredients that work symbiotically to enhance healthy skin.

The 3D Peel is also effective for melasma (hormonal pigmentation) that is resistant to superficial peels and contains various ingredients as well as vitamin A in the form of retinoic acid.

Other skin problems such as photo ageing, pre-cancerous rough lesions, age spots, fine lines and superficial acne scarring will be greatly improved, but this combination treatment cannot be used on dark skin and there is downtime of about a week, which will mean a few days off work.

Cosmelanᆴ and Dermamalanᆴ Peels

Both of these are for resistant dermal hyperpigmentation and melasma, with Dermamalan being a stronger variety of Cosmelan. They are applied under supervision of a medical doctor and there is mild downtime after this treatment.

Statistical results have shown that in 99% of cases blemish improve by 95%. Of course, the other benefits of these peels would be the improvement of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and acne scarring. (For that kind of result I am willing to spend a few days off work.)

Nothing is quite as attractive as a smooth, flawless skin, so this winter get yourself to a Body Skin Renewal clinic to make sure yours is ready for the next Oscars… or, more likely, your next date, party or business meeting.

I’d recommend that you stock up on some favourite comfort food (red wine comes to mind) and laze around the house for a few days while your skin repairs itself and all your red carpet fears disappear!


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