It’s just a few weeks into 2013 and most people have probably already started slipping when it comes to their well-intentioned New Year’s resolution. You may have planned to lose weight but are you managing to stick to it?

If we had to do a survey of how many resolutions people manage to achieve, the list would probably be a very short one. Besides, they may not be a good idea to make in the first place, because you’ll probably feel guilty throughout the year every time you don’t stick to them.

Late last year I decided to quit smoking while on holiday and away from the daily stress and routine. I have managed to quit (again) and hopefully this time I have beaten the evil addiction.

It’ll probably last for as long as I’m not confronted by some stressful situation that will give me a reason to either smoke or eat! However, in the process I have picked up a few bulges and rolls as a result of my Freudian oral fixation. When I can’t have a cigarette, then a sweet will do, or a few chips, or peanuts… well actually anything that keeps my mouth busy is fair game.

Whatever your reason for needing to shed a lot of weight or just a few kilograms, there are excellent programmes at Skin and Body Renewal clinics that have been proven to be effective by many people. They have evolved over the years and thousands have had amazing success with them.

Slender Wonder Program

The Slender Wonder Medical Weight Loss program will put you on the straight and narrow path of good eating, very quickly. It increases the body’s leptin levels because high leptin levels means you can eat more without putting on weight, whereas low levels increase appetite and lower metabolism.

This balanced healthy and nutritious eating plan could be your best kept secret for many years to come, as you can always return to it if and when you stray down the gourmet’s road to obesity with fatty foods and too many calories.

i-Lipo Laser Lipo Treatment

When you’ve lost those extra kilograms, but find there are little bulges that just won’t budge, the cold laser treatment is a great way of getting rid of, for example, male breast fat, batwings, inner thighs, tiresome love handles and any other fatty bulges that you don’t like.

It’s a non-invasive and safe procedure and although you will see results after the first treatment, a series of treatments are recommended for long term results and a more perfectly sculpted body.

Directly after each treatment, 30 minutes of cardio exercise is needed for optimal benefits and an exercise bike is provided for you to use.

If you are maturing in years, you may find that an ageing body has different forms and grades of resistant fat and cellulite and this could need a combination of treatments to reduce fat, increase collagen stimulation and increase circulation.

I-Lipo can be safely combined with Carboxytherapy, Radiofrequency, Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy to achieve this. If there are also a few stretch marks, Carboxytherapy will stimulate collagen production and shrink the marks to improve overall appearance.

Cryolipo Fat Freezing Treatment

Coccon Cryolipo Fat Freezing helps remove those resistant little bulges in a natural way. This procedure freezes fat cells and the residue is removed via the lymphatic system and the body’s natural metabolism.

Again, this treatment is not for those who are seriously overweight, but for those nearing their ideal weight and just wanting a bit of help with those last stubborn little bulges.

The Cryolipo treatment is best done over two to three sessions every 45 days. On average there’s a loss of two to three cms that can be seen after 45 days in the treated area and the final results can be seen in around two to six months.

Hardened fat areas such as saddle bags may need Carboxy or Radiotherapy first to soften the fat and improve the Cryolipo results, and Liposculpture afterwards will help with the final skin tightening and drainage in the treated area.

In short, your best option is to try to get to your ideal weight or BMI as soon as possible and then you can start sculpting your way to a perfect body.

The way forward from there is to avoid the pitfalls and bad foods that are always around us. At least, if you fail, the staff at Body Renewal will always be there to help you get back on the straight and narrow.

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