Remember when you were the life of the party, dancing around the pool and having a wonderful time? Well, thanks to the winter slump, dancing around the pool this summer is now probably out of the question.

A combination of red wine, good comfort food and gym avoidance tend to lead to the development of love handles and bloated tummies that look a lot better under warm covers than being exposed to the summer sun.

Don’t worry though, help is at hand. There are combinations of treatment programmes that will have you showing off a gorgeous shape in just a few weeks.

Resistant fat

Some fat just won’t go away. No matter how much you exercise, practice healthy eating and maintain a healthy weight, there are some localised areas (e.g. love handles) that just won’t respond.

It is hypothesised that some fat cells have beta receptors and others have alpha receptors. Beta receptors are receptive to adrenaline produced by exercise and will respond and break down the fat. However, when it comes to fat cells with alpha receptors, it is believed that adrenaline instead binds to these cells, leading to slowed fat breakdown and accumulation of fat – no matter how much you exercise.

The treatments described below are designed to help reduce the appearance of flabby skin and resistant fat. Abnormal exercise resistant fat has different forms and grades and thus success requires a combination of treatments that include improved lymphatic drainage, reduction of fat cells, collagen stimulation and a body sculpting eating program.

3D Body Renewal, a five in one treatment, provides all of the above. Separately, each clinical application presents a powerful solution for the most in-demand, fastest-growing procedures with minimal downtime.

At Body Renewal, 3 D Body Renewal includes the following body shaping treatments to give superior body shaping results:

• UltraShape® has developed a totally non-invasive body contouring treatment that effectively and safely reduces unsightly fat deposits using focused ultrasound technology;

• Radiofrequency procedure (either TriPollar ™ or Velashape™ or Accent XL) used before Ultrashape increases the circulation of the area and improves the elimination of increased fat deposits;

• Carboxytherapy dramatically improves the circulation to the treated area, thereby enhancing the excretion of the released fat from destroyed fat cells; and

• Slender Wonder, an HCG diet and medical weight loss program that treats the cause of obesity, low leptin levels. Slender Wonder specifically addresses the reduction of abnormal and resistant fat, resulting in the slimming of the body.

The full effect of the combined treatment session takes approximately two to four weeks to manifest, with skin rejuvenation and further tightening improving over the next three months as collagen is stimulated down the line.

Once an assessment has been done, an aesthetic practitioner at Skin & Body Renewal will discuss your most immediate needs and provide you with a programme especially designed around you, your lifestyle and most importantly, your budget.

So guys, there is no need to go out and buy bigger clothes. Just pick-up the phone and get your bod to the nearest clinic that offers a 3 D Body Renewal Solution. Soon, you’ll be in shape to dance around that pool once again.

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