It is unclear if a Ugandan woman seeking asylum in the UK lied about her sexuality in order to stay in the country.

In January it was reported that the 29 year old woman, who may only be referred to as BN, narrowly avoided being deported despite a judge earlier rejecting her claim that she is lesbian and afraid to return to her home country.

BN, who was depicted as a victim of a homophobic and ignorant system, was granted a last minute suspension of her deportation and an opportunity to make her case in court once again.

Now questions are being asked after her legal team’s submission to the court no longer claims that she is a lesbian.

Instead, the appeal hinges on the argument that the mere fact she was identified as lesbian in the media now places her in danger should she return to Uganda. The documents do not state what her actual sexual orientation is.

Other reports say that BN was previously unable to remember the surname or other basic details of a woman that she claimed to have had a six year relationship with.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda with penalties including life imprisonment.

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