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Spring / Summer 2010 fashion was showcased at Cape Town’s Convention Centre from 11-14 August. This annual event saw some of South Africa’s sexiest models sashay down the ramp wearing garments designed by local fashion’s hottest design houses.

AFI Cape Town Fashion Week has unfortunately been in decline over the last couple of years with many top designers having to make hard-line strategic decisions during the economic recession, many opting rather to showcase their talents up in Johannesburg where they get more bang for their fashion bucks.

However, three evenings of fashion festivity gave fashionistas in the stylish Mother City the opportunity to sizzle on the social scene as well as to see where local fashion trends are poised for the upcoming summer season.

South African designers tend to fall into two camps: those that follow international trends, and the other more patriotic lot that express their creative talents at the southernmost tip of Africa, blissfully unaware of what’s happening elsewhere in the fashion world.

American and European designers have no creative choice: they are chained to international fashion trends, but our designers on the African continent have the latitude and scope to do whatever they like. The ideal compromise is to take cutting edge international fashion trends and to give them a creative and innovative African spin. Craig Native and David West are two of our contemporary designers who do this well.

Craig Port

David West is known as one of South Africa’s most progressive designers. The label was founded in 1998 and has been exported to Europe and Japan. For Summer 2010 he presents “How to find true love and happiness in the present day”, a collection that explores the joys and the anxieties of our technological age. His anti-establishment creative masterpieces have earned him a cult following on the fashion scene.

Craig Native Clothing is a fashion label that was launched by Craig Native in 2000. He’s from the Cape Flats in Cape Town and his heritage led him to create a label that incorporates African imagery and graphic media into sportswear; making it the ultimate urban brand. The label is marketed to the man on the street who often goes unseen. Social, political, and humanitarian messages are broadcasted through the brand, but with fun, quirky twists.

Seasoned social designer Craig Port delivered a collection vastly different to his signature resort chic collections of years gone by. His latest collection was far more cosmopolitan and futuristic in feel, with monochrome white and grey accents dominating the collection. Mr Port knows that sex sells, and his customary tribe of magnificent male models showcased his 2010 swim collection to an eager reception.


Newcomers this year were Undacova, whose range of Afro-centric underwear is going to be the next fashion rage, and Zoom who have created the most spectacular range of swimwear.

Viyella, established in 1784, is arguably the oldest clothing brand in the world. The 2010 summer collection has been designed by Abubaker Frizlaar, and takes you on a bygone journey when steam trains travelled through Africa and eccentric intrepid explorers “discovered” the continent. The journey started in Cape Town and ended in Cairo, delivering the most sophisticated men’s show at Fashion Week.

The common trends this year are that men are comfortably metrosexual in the 21st century. Manly attire is definitely becoming sleeker, sexier and more androgynous and elegant grooming is essential. Hair is quaffed and beards are the signature facial look for 2010. Every stylish man also carries a large leather trimmed bag of great quality. This is the briefcase of the 21st century and a definite status symbol. Scarves comfort and shoes are bold.

The 2010 man’s clothes are sophisticated and understated and it is a man’s accessories that make the statement. Designer brogues click with class and sexy revealing sandals are worn with summer suits. Studded or tasselled belts adorn your sexy worked out midriff.

Spring/Summer 2010 is here, so dress with care and dress with flair!

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