Looking old and wrinkly is not a turn-on! When it comes to looks, personal preferences vary greatly, but NOBODY wants to look old prematurely!

Companies spend billions of Rands on cosmetology to develop products that will stunt the chronological ageing process and enhance skin texture and body features. Good news is that with innovative and sustainable skin care habits, you can look younger for longer!

There are a range of problems, which men seek treatments for, including improvements in skin texture, hair removal; vein removal, eye rejuvenation and wait for it…body sculpting. Anything from reducing the prominence of double chins and jowls to tightening of the skin on the buttocks is now available – without surgery. There has been significant progress in the field of cosmetology and an effective range of body slimming and shaping treatments are available to improve the male physique.

Led in the last two decades by the fabulous Metrosexual, in certain international countries it is claimed that over the last 11 years, the popularity of non-surgical medical aesthetics for men has grown by over 230%, as men seek to maintain a competitive edge in the race to stay younger for longer, and here on home shores we are not far behind.

There’s a new breed of man out there who is ringing the changes and claiming the attention in the aesthetics market, radically transforming the face of traditional male mindsets and attitudes by embracing opportunities previously considered exclusive to women.

The fact that men generally have tougher skins than women, probably led to the belief that they did not need to look after or protect their skins. Interestingly enough, whilst men have a thicker epidermis and denser dermis layer, they can also have sensitive skins – especially men with fair skins.

“Typically, men start coming in for treatments at about the age of 35…”

The modern man has realised that it is simply not intelligent to expose the skin to the risk of sun damage and premature ageing without adequate protection – whether it’s playing or watching sport, walking the pooch without a shirt, surfing, cycling or sipping champagne on the patio in the South African sun.

Dr Maureen Allem, founder of leading skin and body treatment centre, Skin Renewal says: “In the past few years, there has been a definite increase in the number of men visiting us.

Typically, men start coming in for treatments at about the age of 35. They are often prompted by concerned friends or life partners to see us for a consultation – but in some instances, they may come in for corrective treatments as part of a career-boosting strategy or as a way to achieve a fresh start.”

Botox and dermal fillers or a combination of the two (known as a liquid facelift), has also become as popular for men as for women. So, if you’ve looked in the mirror lately and noticed that permanent frown on your face or are wondering where the youthful boy in you has gone – it maybe time to visit a Skin Renewal Centre to get professional advice on the most effective treatment options to suit your needs.

Skin Renewal Centres specialise in offering a full range of anti-ageing treatments including Botox®, dermal fillers, facial rejuvenation and skin resurfacing. In addition to aesthetic medicine a wide variety of skin conditions including acne, pigmentation, scar treatment and rosacea are treated.

To compliment skin and aesthetic treatments, the centres offer a full range of body treatments, specialising in hair removal, circumference reduction, cellulite removal, liposculpture, treatment of stretch marks and a medically based weight loss programme, SlenderWonder ®.

Since their inception, Skin and Body Renewal have strived to be at the forefront of aesthetic treatments and have consistently pioneered the use of revolutionary, non surgical technologies for cellulite and body shaping such as Carboxytherapy, UltraShape™, Accent™, VelaShape™, Lipodissolve, Endermologie and Lipomassage.

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