Jonaid Carrera

Local celeb hunks take to the fashion ramp

Audi Joburg Fashion Week kicked off on Wednesday, and Mambaonline was there, in the front row nogal, for a selection of the shows. Designer Craig Jacobs made a big splash, not really with his clothes per se (woman’s range – dull, menswear – more intriguing) but thanks to his hot celebrity models. We spotted soccer hunk Ryan Botha as well as two Mambaonline Sexiest Man runners-up, namely Izak Davel (2007) and Superdance’s Jonaid Carrera (2009), strolling down the runway. They all looked fantastic. Izak, who is currently heating up TV screens in Celebrity Survivor, has clearly been working out, while Jonaid looked as gorgeous as ever. Craig, who is also appearing in Survivor, is lucky to have such sexy specimens on hand to spice up his line. We also spotted Edith Venter in the front row ogling the boys, while toothy Top Billing presenter Michael Mol looked rather bored with the proceedings.

Hot shows get gayer and gayer…

It seems that two of the hottest shows on television, True Blood and Glee, are about to get even gayer. It’s not enough that the upcoming season of True Blood sees Lafayette get a hunky new love interest (Kevin Alejandro) and a gay vampire character named Talbot (Theo Alexander) is introduced, but it appears that Sam and Bill are also going to get in on some homo-action. The show’s creator, Alan Ball, has told Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello that the two studs will forge “not just any connection, an erotic connection”. We’re not sure quite what that means, but we can’t wait to find out.

Meanwhile, the producers of Glee, which won best comedy series at the Golden Globes, have announced that the musical show will also feature a gay romance in its next season when Kurt gets himself a boyfriend. “And we’re going to make them a power couple. We’re not going to do the whole hiding in the shadows thing,” said Glee’s creator Ryan Murphy. “We’re going to make them popular, and out and proud and glamorous. Like prom king and king. We’re doing the opposite of what’s been done.” Another titbit is that the upcoming season will also feature gay icon, Olivia Newton-John and, possibly, Jennifer Lopez as guest stars.

John Mayer admits to being a chronic masturbator

Sexy crooner John Mayer has spoken of his onanistic (look it up) habits in a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine. The Grammy-winning singer not only talks about his split with Jennifer Aniston (“I’ve never really gotten over it. It was one of the worst times of my life”) but also describes himself as being a “… new generation of masturbator”. John said that, “Before I make coffee, I’ve seen more butt holes [we assume of the female variety?] than a proctologist does in a week… I have masturbated myself out of serious problems in my life. The phone doesn’t pick up because I’m masturbating. It’s like a hot whirlpool for my brain, in a brain space that is 100 percent agreeable with itself.” He also comments on the subject of man-on-man loving. “I don’t care about anything other than energy… I’ve never slept with a man. But I get it. I’ve seen pictures of men on the Internet that are sexier than pictures of most women.” Us too, strangely enough!

Narnia star muses on gay kiss

Ben Barnes, the suave star of The Chronicles Of Narnia films, has talked about his first on-screen gay kiss in the new film Dorian Gray. The English actor was asked by Metro what it was like snogging fellow actor Ben Chaplin. The 28 year old replied that it was “stubbly.” He added that while his co-star, who has shared spit with other male actors in previous roles, told him that “it’s something to overcome,” Ben thought that “It didn’t register any differently to seeing myself kissing anyone else on screen”. Good answer. We wonder if he’s had any practice kissing men off-screen?

David Beckham’s ‘golden balls’ groped

Poor Becks may be feeling a little less of a man of late. The soccer stud was in the midst of a TV interview outside a Milan hotel when another “reporter”, Elena Di Cioccio, grabbed him between the legs. It was part of a stunt for her satirical Italian TV show and aimed to find out if David was as well endowed as he appeared to be in his famous Armani underwear billboards. Sadly, it seems not. While the grope left David stunned, Di Cioccio proceeded to run around shouting out “E piccolo, Beckham” (“Beckham is small”) followed by security guards and her cameraman. When Becks got into a car to make his getaway, she ran back and shouted into the vehicle: “You’ve taken us for a ride! How could you, David?” Hmm. He could well be a grower, not a shower. And maybe it was a really cold night. Here’s hoping…

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum ready to strip once again

G.I. Joe hunk, Channing Tatum, has decided to reveal all about his stripper past, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. The model turned actor confirmed that he did indeed take it all off to make ends meet when he was 18. “It’s absolutely true. I did it for almost a year. I’ve lived a crazy life, for sure,” he said. “It seemed like a fun thing to do at the time and I got out unscathed. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of and I’m not proud of it either. I wanted to talk about it in the beginning of my career but my publicist wouldn’t let me.” Channing also revealed that he wants to make a movie about his stripping days, something we certainly would have no objection to, and already has a director in mind. “It needs to be a crazy film and I think it’s also possible to do a cute, romantic movie.” He added, “…I’m going to be getting back in my thong again.” We volunteer to play the part of the thong!

Ugly Betty actor talks about coming out

Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie (Marc) has finally discussed his sexuality in a new interview. He told The Advocate that “I’ve never said I was straight, and I’m not saying I’m gay now”. Despite this, the actor told the magazine that while he is in a relationship with another man and considers himself “queer” he still doesn’t feel comfortable identifying as gay as he previously had relationships with women. “I’ve been in a relationship for a while now, and if you just met the two of us together we’d be ‘gay.’ But that somehow means anything that happened before [we met] didn’t count—and I don’t feel that way,” he explained. It all sounds unnecessarily complicated to us. Perhaps he could just live with the term bisexual?

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