A man has been jailed for three years in the UK for posing as a policeman in order to blackmail gay men who were cruising for sex.

Lee Creamer (26) was found guilty of targeting the men in a well-known cruising spot in the Portsmouth area, reports The News.

He would approach the victims and tell them that he was a policeman and that they would be arrested unless they paid him a spot fine.

Creamer’s defence claimed that his actions were not due to homophobia but were a means to pay for his cocaine habit and drug debts.

“The people you were targeting undoubtedly would have been in that frame of mind where they weren’t going to think straight,” the judge told Creamer, adding, “You were relying on the fact that they were going to panic and pay the money.”

Creamer was eventually caught when he accosted a man walking his dog who then reported him to the authorities.

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