Scott Herman

Reality star models underwear

We didn’t know much about Scott Herman here at Mamba Mansions, but when we saw recent pictures of the personal trainer, model and actor modelling underwear, we suddenly wanted to know much more. Turns out that Scott was one of the stars of the 22nd season of MTV’s Real World, in which a group of strangers live together on camera (it was the original Big Brother). The series was broadcast earlier this year in the US, but Scott has stayed busy – no doubt thanks to his blonde boy-next-door good looks. It doesn’t hurt that’s he’s been working out since the age of 14. We wish him only the best for a thriving career taking his clothes off for the camera!

Boy George celebrates his freedom

Former Culture Club singer and 80’s pop icon Boy George recently made a big fuss about finally wrapping up his punishment after having been found guilty of tying up rent boy Auden Carlsen against his will. While the singer was released from prison in May – several months before his 15 months prison sentence was due to end – he was forced to wear an ankle bracelet. But last week, it finally came off. George celebrated its removal by dancing around his flat with his mother, sister and friends and then posting the somewhat embarrassing pictures on Twitter. Now he just needs to liberate himself from a wrecked career.

Sex and the City sequel in production

Warning: spoilers ahead! The sequel to the hit Sex and the City movie is well into production in New York, with the film’s stars shooting daily on the city’s streets; including the foursome wearing some very scary 80’s outfits. And while the release of the film is still many months away, Us Weekly has already spilled the beans on the storyline which will reportedly involve Mr. Big cheating on Carrie who then finds out that she is preggers. There’s also talk that the film will feature a gay wedding (no doubt involving Carrie’s gay best friend Stanford). And it’s also rumoured that Samantha Jones’s ex boyfriend, the sexy Smith Jerrod will be back, despite being dumped by her in the last film. Willie Garson, who plays Stanford, told the magazine that the movie is “fun, fun, fun! It’s a celebration, and once again, it truly is for the audience.” We can’t wait.

Paula stunned to be replaced

Paula Abdul is said to be stunned at the news that she has been permanently replaced on American Idol with talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres. Sources say that Paula was confident that despite guest judges temporarily replacing her in the audition process of the show, producers would eventually relent and offer her the money she demanded to return for a new season. Officially of course, the former singer and choreographer, has been gracious in a terse statement released to the media:”American Idol is a fantastic show that offers an invaluable platform to young talent. Ellen DeGeneres is wildly funny and talented in her own right. I wish her and the show only the best of luck.” We can’t help but feel sorry for Paula. We’ll miss all her slurred nonsensical comments.

Dan and Sam McMillen fromThe Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race’s gay brother team

You’ll be pleased to know that the newest season of The Amazing Race, which is set to debut in the US later this month, once again features gay contestants. This time round they are Dan and Sam McMillen – two sexy brothers who only recently came out to each other. According to the show’s official website, the 21 year old siblings say “that their relationship did not truly start until last summer when they both came out and told each other that they were gay.” It goes on to add that, “Both brothers say that they hope that the Race will take their new found closeness to the next level and help them forge an even stronger bond”. Nope this is not the storyline for some bizarre gay porn film.

Gossip Girl kiss rehearsed several times

One of the actors involved in the much-anticipated gay kissing scene in the series Gossip Girl has talked about shooting the scene. Neal Bledsoe, who gets to smooch Ed Westwick in an upcoming episode, said that the kiss was rehearsed several times. “I thought it was a really fun episode. I had an awesome time doing it. And I think it would’ve been a shame if I was not open-minded enough to do the episode simply because I had to kiss another man,” Neal told EW. He added that his girlfriend “was happy I wasn’t kissing any of the girls on the show.” Neal, who is unknown, is likely to be catapulted into the limelight when the episode is broadcast in the US next month.

Shock! Britney sings live!

Britney Spears has been repeatedly criticised for not singing live during her The Circus tour. It’s been speculated that the star has lacked the confidence to do so following the string of scandals that beset her before she started getting her life back on track. So fans were surprised when Britney unexpectedly took to the stage at one of her shows in the US earlier this week and sang a cover of Alanis Morissette’s hit You Oughta Know. And, best of all, she sang it live. And sang it well. It’s unclear if she’ll be repeating this in other concerts, but it’s certainly a sign that Britney is well on her way to regaining her pop-princess crown.

David Beckham’s abs.

Becks shows off his Ellen underwear

In other underwear news, football sex symbol David Beckham made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week and showed off his new jocks. To the delighted screams of near-hysterical audience members, he flashed the waistband of his white knickers. But instead of the usual Armani brand name emblazoned on them, they featured Ellen’s name. Despite having featured almost naked in numerous underwear ads, David insisted that he is at heart a shy boy. He also revealed that to commemorate his 10th wedding anniversary with Victoria, who was in the audience with their two boys, he recently had ten roses tattooed around his arm. “It not always about buying gifts for each other. We just make sure that we spend time together or go for dinner together. That is important to us,” the hunk told Ellen.

Gay thriller series for South Africa?

Die Burger has reported that veteran Egoli producer, Franz Marx, is working on a new television series, titled Flesh, which will feature model Christina Storm as a lesbian prostitute. (After 18 years, Egoli will come to an end in March next year.) Shaleen Surtie-Richards is also set to star as a detective investigating a serial killing sp

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