My jaw once again dropped in disbelief when I recently listened to an audio clip of the rantings of a radical Church leader that a friend forwarded to me. This particular tirade is by Steven Anderson from the Faithful Word Baptist Church.

He is convinced that the Sodomites (homosexuals, that’s us) are taking over the world, spreading our disease of sin and intending to recruit everyone else. The only way to stop us, he says, is to kill us. This led me to wonder, is this true? Are we taking over the world? Are we really hell bent on recruiting as many as we can to join our revolution of depravity?

Steven raises an interesting point by saying that we are multiplying. “There’s more than there were last year and the year before, and the year before that,” he says. This is absolutely true. I can’t dispute this.

He also discusses our shortcoming in reproduction and entertains the viewer with a brief biology lesson. Yes, two men and two women can’t reproduce through gay sex (believe me we try). But even if you throw in artificial insemination into the mix, unfortunately for us, having a baby still doesn’t guarantee us producing another Sodomite. Statistically speaking, chances are higher that we would probably produce a straight (non-Sodomite) child. Oh the repulsion of even entertaining such a thought!

So how are we multiplying? The answer is simple, according to Steven: we recruit! Sodomites are diligent “recruiters and not reproducers.” We are preying on children, unsuspecting and unescorted teenagers, and even defenceless adults. Yes we seek out the weak and then swoop on them with our rainbow flags, KY, dildos and other queer paraphernalia and then “rape, molest and violate” them until they join our squadron. Little does he know that there is even a detailed instruction manual printed at Sodomite Head Quarters in Amsterdam, with the illustrated version distributed from Sydney.

Our devious plan is well on its way to success and they are slowly being conditioned for that day that the faggots, queers and dykes will be coming for them!

We Sodomites are an ambitious bunch, however. Recruiting is not enough because we don’t want to just spread our “disease of sin,” we want to dominate and take over the world. We are constantly taking over for positions of power, especially in the governments of world. Having already infiltrated the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy – and many more – we are at the verge of a full-on hostile coup d’état. We even have undercover Sodomites in the Vatican!

We also control large portions of the world’s economy, such as the fashion world, and are covertly taking control of other industries as well. Soon not a single non-Sodomite will be safe. Just think about what we have already achieved: We are in their homes (we decorate their rooms, design the clothes they wear, write the scripts of the shows they watch and even tell them how to prepare their food and do their hair).

“Steven, I think, has realised how redundant non-Sodomites have become in society and is quite rightly terrified…”

So how are us Sodomites able to do this? And, why are we getting away with it? Again Steven hits the nail on its head with the correct answer: “We have no natural predators!” Like the lions in the wild we have very few competitors to fear as we are at the top of the proverbial food chain. We have a superior brain, are more evolved and generally have a greater disposable income – enabling us to fund our global operations to dominate the world.

Our creativity and flamboyance, combined with our sensitive nature, are other key weapons in our arsenal, as this is how we lure away heterosexual men’s women and transform them into our slaves (fag hags). Whatever their wife or girlfriend can’t discuss with them (like their erectile dysfunction) they are happy to share with us. We are the ones that introduced them to vibrators and the phrase “honey not tonight, I have a headache”; all of this to curb the alarming heterosexual reproductive rate.

In fact, we are such geniuses that we have even destroyed the sanctity of marriage as now we too can get married in several countries. First we took over the wedding industry with our wedding planners, caterers, fashion designers and decorators and now we have taken ownership of marriage itself. Gay adoption is also on the rise so gay married couples are now also taking the unwanted children of heterosexual couples.

You may argue that we still need non-Sodomites in the world as the stereotypical Sodomite is quite timid and lacks brute strength. The truth is we really don’t; that’s why we have lesbians. They can build things, win bar fights, are good with knifes and beer bottles and can fix things like cars and leaking taps.

Steven, I think, has realised how redundant non-Sodomites have become in society and is quite rightly terrified. If you listen to how hysterical he becomes during the last portion of his sermon one would think a Sodomite has already baptised him up the ass. Steven is correct to be petrified because we are doing all these things: we are multiplying, recruiting and taking over the world. Soon all non-Sodomites will be replaced with the superior faction of the human race; the Sodomites.

Whoever is crazy enough to believe all of this really should look up Steven Anderson and give him a copy of this article. I’m sure this would further feed his festering hatred for homosexuals. Steven lives in a fantasy world where fairies have become demons and the battle between “good” and “evil” is led by men who can’t distinguish between the two. I just hope I never cross his path as I have quite a bit I’d like to say and do to crazy Anderson. Then again, I could just recruit him.

Go here to listen to the rantings of Steven Anderson.

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