The June 28 raid was captured on video.

Three employees of the Texas’ liquor board who were involved in the controversial June 28 raid on a gay bar in Texas have been fired.

Agent Christopher Aller and trainee agent Jason Chapman, along with their supervisor, Sgt. Terry Parsons, were axed following a report on the incident.

The raid left one man, Chad Gibson, with serious head injuries. While he has recovered he says that he still has a blood clot behind his eye.

Aller and Chapman, who took part in the raid, were accused of not reporting that they used force in the incident, participating in the raid without approval, disrupting the business during the incident and wearing improper attire.

Parsons, who was not at the incident, was accused of allowing the two other men to not report that force used in the incident, of not following other reporting procedures and for not disciplining the men for not wearing the correct attire.

The board also disciplined two other supervisors and said that it would change its policies on using force and would enhance sensitivity training as a result of the incident.

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