The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) has condemned the recent murders and arrests of LGBT activists in Honduras after a military coup on June 28.

“The recent coup in Honduras is an illegal assault on democracy that violates the rights of all Honduran citizens, including those who identify as LGBT,” said IGLHRC executive director Cary Alan Johnson.

The murder of a transgendered activist on June 29 happened after she went to work during the military-imposed two night curfew. She received two gunshot wounds in her head and back. Local activists in Honduras claim she was killed by military police patrolling the streets.

Five other activists were allegedly arrested, detained and beaten while in military custody on June 29. The arrests occurred while the activists were participating in a demonstration in support of the democratically elected government. All of the activists are well-known public figures, known to be leaders in the LGBT movement.

A 2006 report exposed Honduras’ discrimination against the LGBT community. It documented over 200 murders of transgender people and sex workers by state and non-state killers, as well as numerous incidents of police brutality.

“Human rights and fundamental freedoms are being challenged in Honduras in the aftermath of the coup,” said Marcelo Ferreyra, coordinator of IGLHRC’s Latin America and Caribbean Program.

“Under such circumstances, there is always danger for those whose sexual orientation or gender identity does not conform to social norms. We ask for the restoration of democracy and the rule of law in Honduras.”

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