The body of openly gay Madièye Diallo has been exhumed from a local cemetery at Thiès, 70 km East of Dakar, Senegal, reports Behind The Mask.

The man’s body was then dragged into the street by angry residents, and placed in the courtyard of the family home. The mob vowed that they will not have a gay man buried in their graveyard.

Diallo’s family have refused to divulge where he will be re-buried to avoid a similar incident happening again.

The predominantly Muslim community frowned upon Diallo, who was an icon of gay people in Senegal after his photograph was widely disseminated by the media following an alleged gay marriage, which received huge media coverage.

In May, the body of another thirty year old man was twice exhumed and returned to his family who eventually buried him within the grounds of their home.

Homosexuality is illegal in Senegal where 95% of the population is Muslim, and homosexual acts are punishable by up to five years in prison.

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