A video posted on the internet shows a 16 year old boy in the US undergoing an exorcism to rid him of his homosexuality.

The boy can be seen writhing limply on the floor, at one point turning his head aside to vomit, while church leaders stand around him performing the exorcism and shouting out: “You homosexual demon, get up on outta here!” “You demon, loose yourself!” “You sex demon … you snake!”

The Manifested Glory Ministries, a church in Bridgeport, Connecticut, is now under investigation for child abuse.

“It’s very, very sad that this still takes place in society,” Isaiah Webster, Director of Communications for the National Youth Advocacy Commission, told CNN. “It’s also very sad that it comes about during this week, (as the) 40th anniversary of Stonewall is this weekend. That is really something to celebrate, and it’s unfortunate that young people still have to endure things like this.”

The video was apparently put on Youtube in March by the leaders of the church. Robin McHaelen from True Colours Inc, a gay youth advocacy and mentoring program in Conneticut, has been working with the teen since the incident and said that he is extremely conflicted.

“This kid has been struggling with this issue for a very long time. He knows that he’s gay and he knows that his religion doesn’t approve,” she told CNN.

Church leaders have denied abusing the child and say that they were trying to help him through “the power of Jesus”.

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