Shock! Robert Pattinson looks hot shirtless

Not bad for a pasty Brit! Twilight sensation Robert Pattinson has revealed that he’s not just a pretty face. The smouldering sex symbol was recently snapped filming a shirtless scene in the Italian city of Montepulciano for the Twilight sequel, New Moon, and displayed a very well-honed chest and a six-pack. Yum. We hope the film is full of topless scenes featuring studly vampires biting each other. As if!

Colin Farrel to walk down the aisle…

But he won’t be accompanying a blushing bride to the altar. The Hollywood hunk is set to be the best man at his gay brother’s wedding, which is taking place somewhere in Europe where same-sex marriage is legal. “We have to get married abroad. It’s absolutely terrible. We have to go somewhere legal, which narrows it down to about five countries,” Eamon Farrel told reporters. Colin, who’s notorious for his bad-boy antics, doesn’t seem to be settling down anytime soon but has been seen sneaking around Los Angeles with a mysterious blonde woman. Eamon on the other hand can’t wait to settle down with his long-time partner, “I can’t wait to marry him. He is the most wonderful, happy person. He is always so full of positive energy.’

Mariah Carey is an Imperfect Angel

Mariah has been trying to jumpstart her career by getting back into the Hollywood spotlight. Her new album title has been announced, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, and Precious, her latest attempt at acting, was released in Cannes. However the diva turned up unfashionably late at the premiere of the movie at the Cannes Film Festival, having had to wait for her director Lee Daniels. “She was really sweet to everyone there, but you could see there was tension between her and Lee, and Nick (Cannon, her husband) didn’t seem that pleased, either,” an observer said.

Bond and Wolverine go head to head…

…in a Broadway musical! Cinema’s hottest action heroes are taking to the stage in a play about two Chicago cops whose friendship is tested by a domestic dispute they encounter in a poor neighborhood. Hugh Jackman is no stranger to Broadway, having won a Tony award in 2004 for his performance in The Boy from Oz. However this will be Daniel Craig’s first stage outing. Two hotties on one stage? Better start booking your tickets now…

Talking about Hugh Jackman…

The UK’s T4 channel presenter Steve Jones – who is apparently straight – says he wants Hugh’s member in his mouth. “I was really jealous that [co-presenter] Miquita Oliver got to interview him on T4 instead of me. He’s amazing. Is it wrong that I want to put my penis in his mouth?” Steve has been linked to a bevy of beauties, including Halle Berry, Pamela Anderson and most recently Heroes-star Hayden Panettiere. The two were seen getting cosy at Cannes on Sir Elton’s private yacht.

Bruno gets bleached

It seems that Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film outing required a bit of research for the movie’s main character, gay Austrian fashion designer Bruno. Sadly, Sacha must have approached the wrong people, as he decided to bleach every single hair follicle on his body so he could have the body of a hairless European twink power bottom. Ever heard of waxing? Well clearly Sacha found out the hard way that bleach isn’t the right path to take towards being a truly campy gay man. A source told The Sun: “He had a bad allergic reaction to hydrogen peroxide, which is a strong bleaching agent. It was so severe around a certain part of his anatomy that he couldn’t sit down for three days. He had to make an emergency appointment with the doctors, who gave him some medication to counter the irritation. Crew members found the whole incident hilarious and it slowed down filming for a bit, but Sacha soon got over the discomfort. He has suffered no long-lasting ill effects.”

Cher tries to Turn Back Time

The audience sure got more than they bargained for at David Foster’s recent concert in Las Vegas, as a 62 year old Cher stunned the crowd by wearing a replica of her skimpy 1992 Turn Back Time outfit. Plenty of botox and surgery can be blamed for the star’s defiance of age, considering you can barely tell the difference between the then and now. And she doesn’t stop there. Rumour has it that Cher will star in Christina Aguilera’s upcoming film Burlesque, which means more tight leather, crotch hugging outfits. We can’t wait…

Owain Yeoman poses for PETA

The Mentalist star sheds his shirt for PETA

Owain Yeoman, who plays Officer Wayne Rigsby on the show, took his shirt off to raise awareness about vegetarianism in a recent PETA campaign. Owen said, “I’ve seen how violently animals raised for food are treated, and I don’t want to support that.” Apparently dropping meat from his diet for the pro-vegetarian campaign also helped him drop a few pounds, as clearly seen in the ad.

A Desperate Spin-off?

Lily Tomlin and Katherine Joosten, who play the meddling sisters Roberta and Karen McCluskey on Desperate Housewives, are apparently in negotiations for their own series with ABC. The show will certainly have a Golden Girls-feel to it, and if rumours are true and DH creator Marc Cherry heads the production it’s sure to be an interesting tale of intrigue, sex and scandal… But with old ladies.

Neil Tennant talks gays, AIDS and Obama

In an interview with Out magazine Pet Shop Boy’s lead singer Neil Tennant spoke openly about his life. “I got alienated from the gay world – when I went through my famous heterosexual phase – because everyone looked the same. To this day, I’ve never got the everyone-looking-the-same thing… this was the clones and the checked shirts and the 501s and the same moustaches, you know. I mean, now you can look back, and it seems sort of endearingly kitsch. It’s Tales of the City, you know – it’s that period. I found that alienating because it seemed professional and narcissistic and just about doing sex really well. And all of that I don’t find very sexy.” He also discussed how AIDs has affected him. “My best friend was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986. I remembered him saying in the very early days that AIDS was not going to happen in Britain for various reasons. And we were being a bit complacent about it.” He also speaks of his fondness for Obama: “We’re crazy about Obama in Europe. Everyone thinks he’s sexy. Lovely teeth, as my mother would say. He’s brought back dignity, which is an amazing thing to put back on the cultural agenda.” Smart guy, that Neil.

Wanda’s twins

Recently-out lesbian actress and comedian Wanda Sykes happily welcomed her new born twins into the world with her wife Alex. According to sources, “Daughter Olivia Lou weighed in at 6 lbs., 7 oz., and was 19-inches long. Son Lucas Claude debuted at 7 lbs., 9 oz., and was 20-inches long. The comedian’s wife gave birth to the babies.”

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