Despite US military involvement in Iraq, the torture and unofficial sanctioned slaughter of Iraq’s LGBT community has been treated with indifference by the US Government.

Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in March said that the “persecution and discrimination against gays and lesbians is something we take very seriously,” yet little has been done to protect LGBT people in Iraq.

It is claimed that Iraqi government officials and state-funded security forces are involved in the torturing and execution of LGBT Iraqis. Death squads operate freely because law enforcement in the country is not functioning properly due to the war.

Ali Hili, the leader of the UK-based organisation Iraqi LGBT, told “it’s been an organised and systematic cleansing of sexual minorities in Iraq. It’s led by the Iraqi government, militia, members of the family and tribal [groups] and it’s specifically targeting all LGBT people.

“People are being killed, hunted, slaughtered because of who they are. Not for any other reason. That, I believe in my very humble opinion, is against every moral belief in the world. Homosexuality is not a crime and I believe the world needs to help this small group to fight their battle for existence.”

The torture of homosexuals is also apparently rife in Iraq. Iraqi militants are reportedly gluing shut the anuses of suspected gays with a glue so resilient surgery is needed to remove it. They are then reportedly forced to drink a laxative, which causes diarrhoea and leads to death.

Over six hundred documented murders of gay Iraqis have been recorded since 2005, yet the US government still appears to be largely unaware of these executions, and has expressed an unwillingness to seriously consider these allegations and examine the evidence from international human rights organisations.

“We need support from all the world to stand up for this. This is a human rights issue. This is not just a gay rights or homosexual rights issue. Killing people for their well-being is against any law in the world,” Hili said.

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