The sexiest actors on TV

America’s TV Guide has published a list of the sexiest male TV stars in the US this week. Among the men included in its selection is True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten. It’s hard for the 32 year old Australian NOT to be on this list seeing as he spends almost every episode of the vampire drama in the buff. You can tell why from the picture. Other featured men: Bones’ David Boreanaz, CSI’s George Eads, Dancing With The Stars’ Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Castle’s Bailey Chase and Bromance’s Brody Jenner – most of whom we’ve never heard of over here.

Thierry Mugler designs for Beyonce

Enigmatic European fashion legend Thierry Mugler is the design mastermind behind the costumes for Beyonce’s new world tour. His influence has already been seen in a few of her performances and videos – have you noticed her metal glove? The designer said that his elaborate costumes reflect “The duality between being a woman and a warrior”. Thierry is also creative advisor for the show and has had a hand in all the visual elements including lights, sets and of course, the costume. “There will be a lot of dramatisation and metamorphosis on stage,” he said. The tour kicked off in Canada this week.

Justin Timberlake is a tequila fan

Justin Timberlake, who seems to make a living by ‘featuring’ in other’s people’s songs these days, is set to get into a new line of business. He not only has a clothing label, but the singer is now reportedly set to launch his own brand of tequila, named 901. According to a spokesperson for the star, “901 is that time of night when your evening is ending, but your night is just beginning. It is also a subtle nod to his hometown (of Memphis).” Yeah, right… Okay. If you say so. In a recent interview Justin said that he’s in no rush to get back into making his own music, explaining that producing and promoting an album is a long-term commitment which he’s just not into right now. So, tequila it is…

Marc Jacobs wants to be a daddy

First came the news that hotty US designer Marc Jacobs had gotten engaged with his even hotter Brazilian boyfriend of a year, Lorenzo Martone, last week. Now we hear that the couple want to adopt and become real daddies. The rumour mill claims that the two would love a little girl to brighten up their recently-bought New York home. The men make a stunningly cute and sexy couple and would look fabulous with a dolled-up designer-outfitted daughter at their side. Children really are the new accessories du jour!

Jim Carrey’s gay movie too hot for cinema?

The movie which stars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as prison lovers, I Love You Phillip Morris, is apparently too steamy to be screened in US cinemas. The $13 million film has been unable to find a theatrical distributor, despite generating much interest at the Sundance Film Festival in January and will probably go straight to DVD. According to reports a scene in the first ten minutes is particularly graphic. It features a muscle bear on all fours getting a good rogering from Jim Carey. Even though no intimate body parts are seen, the sequence is said to be quite sexually intense. Now we REALLY can’t wait to see this one.

Is Sandton City the new Hollywood?

Yep, Sandton City is becoming quite the international celeb hotspot – with two major Hollywood players hanging out at Joburg’s largest shopping centre in one week! The first to be spotted was the sex-pot Ryan Phillippe. He was seen wandering around the mall wearing sunglasses with a backpack on his shoulders trying to go incognito all on his own. A few eagle-eyed locals – such as Mambaonline reader Jakes Vorster – weren’t fooled. He asked the reluctant sex symbol for a picture. According to Jakes, Ryan is much shorter than he appears on screen and he has also put on quite a bit of weight. “Although he seems incredibly laid back and engaging, he did seem rather hesitant to be recognised. Oh, and he has incredibly striking blue eyes! It isn’t apparent in the picture, but they are probably his most striking feature – and his lips,” said the star-struck Jakes. Word is the actor is in town shooting a movie. Also seen wandering through the mall was our very own Charlize Theron – okay maybe she doesn’t count; this is her home turf after all. Nevertheless the girl from Benoni was seen buying DVDs and enjoying an ice-cream. She was in Joburg to attend the now-cancelled Peace Conference which was set to feature the Dalai Lama.

Robert Pattinson news part 1

Robert Pattinson – the surprising hot new 22 year old sex symbol – has been blabbing about filming a gay scene in his upcoming Salvador Dali biopic, which was shot before Twilight. Robert shared the intimate scene with actor Javier Beltran, and told GQ magazine: “And here I am, with Javier, who plays Lorca, doing an extremely hard-core sex scene, where I have a nervous breakdown afterward. And because we’re both straight, what we were doing seemed kind of ridiculous. Trying to do it doggie-style. Trying to have a nervous breakdown while doing it doggie- style. And it wasn’t even a closed set. There were all these Spanish electricians giggling to themselves.” Okay. Well, Javier saw it quite differently and said: “We didn’t have any problems with the sexuality. On the set it was less important than the emotions. The sex scenes are beautiful – tragic and painful.” Perhaps Robert should grow up a little?

Robert Pattinson news part 2

While at Mamba mansions we’re not entirely sold on Robert being the hot desirable actor the world is making him out to be, genuine hottie Ryan Reynolds seems to think the Twilight star certainly is. He told MTV, “Oh my God. Are you kidding me? Robert Pattinson? In a word? Dreamy… Look, I’m not gay, but I’m thinkin’ about it.” He may have second thoughts when he considers recent on-set reports about Robert’s personal hygiene. “He stinks. I mean, it’s awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy,” said a source from the production of Twilight. Uggh. Well, if you like ‘em dirty…

Everyone’s playing gay these days…

The acclaim thrown at Brokeback Mountain suggested that straight actors playing gay was a sure-fire way to get critical attention and this was confirmed by Sean Penn’s recent win at the Oscars for Milk. (Some cynics have even suggested that ‘playing gay’ is the new ‘playing disabled’ when it comes to the Academy Awards). You can expect a rush by Hollywood actors to throw themselves into some man-on-man onscreen action. We’ve already mentioned that Robert Pattinson plays the bisexual Salvador Dali (a claim the artist denied by the way), but you can also look forward to James Franco who is shooting the film Howl, in which he plays the famous gay beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Let’s not forget that he just recently played gay in Milk – as Sean Penn’s character’s lover. Intriguingly, there’s another Ginsberg project in the pipeline called Kill Your Darlings. This one features cute 23 year old indie film star Jesse Eisenberg as the poet.

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