Joburg City Councillor Ian Ollis

The Democratic Alliance has the highest number of gay parliamentary candidates of any party in the country, says Joburg City Councillor Ian Ollis.

In an exclusive interview with Mambaonline, the openly gay Ollis revealed that there are five gay and lesbian people among the top 20 candidates in the party’s Gauteng parliamentary list; in other words 25% of the top 20 candidates.

“This includes people like Mike Waters, our national health spokesperson, myself and another three.” Ollis, who is number 12 on the list said that “the DA has outdone itself with gay candidates this year.”

He added: “On the DA’s provincial list for the Gauteng legislature, we have Paul Willemburg, currently an MPL and again a candidate for the April 22 list.

“In the city of Johannesburg, the DA currently has four gay councillors that I know of (including Nico De Jager and Paul Smit) and a number in the Pretoria City council also – as well as parliamentary lists from other provinces like the Western Cape, and so on.”

Ollis told Mambaonline that he had been given the go-ahead by the party’s leadership, and the candidates he named, to discuss the issue with the media.

Click here to read the full interview.

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