Twenty year old Mehdi Kazemi, who faced possible execution in Iran for being gay, has finally been granted asylum in the United Kingdom.

“We keep cases under review where circumstances have changed, and it has been decided that Mr. Kazemi should be granted leave to remain in the UK based on the particular facts of this case,” said the UK’s Home Office in a statement.

While studying in the UK on a student visa, Kazemi learned that his former boyfriend had been executed for being gay. He applied for asylum but when his application was turned down Kazemi fled to the Netherlands.

He was returned to the UK in March and, following considerable public and political pressure, the British government agreed to review his case

The Home Office was last week named as one of the 2008 inductees into Human Rights Watch’s ‘Homophobia Hall of Shame’ for denying people asylum when they face abuses based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Under the terms of his asylum, Kazemi will have to re-apply to stay in the country in five years time.

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