An international pizza restaurant chain is being sued after it allegedly refused service to a group of gay men in Blackpool, England.

The group of nine gay men and transsexuals from Wales, some of which were wearing women’s clothing, went to the Church Street branch of the chain and asked for a table but were apparently told by staff that the restaurant “had run out of pizzas.”

Now three of the men involved, Michael Kemp, Paul Barnabas, and his partner Iain Buck, are suing the restaurant for £3,000.

Kemp is a member of an LGBT rights organisation called Encompass. The group released a statement on the incident on its website:

“This group of people simply wanted to sit down and enjoy a pizza like anyone else, but instead were subjected to humiliation and told to go elsewhere.”

The law is quite clear. It is now illegal for shops, bars or restaurants to refuse to serve anyone because of their sexual orientation,” says Encompass.

A spokesperson for Pizza Hut said that it taking the allegations of discrimination “extremely seriously” and is looking into the matter.

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