One of the men named in the rent boy blog has said that he will still pursue legal action against the site’s author despite the blog having been shut down.

Simon Grindrod, a councilor for the Independent Democrats in the Cape, was previously named by the blogger, know only as “Skye”, as being one of his alleged clients. Grindrod has laid charges of crimen injuria at the Caledon Square police station against the blogger.

In a statement issued by Grinrod on Thursday the politician denied that any deal had been struck between his lawyers and the blog’s author, as has been claimed by Skye. All information about the alleged clients, including their names, has been removed from the blog.

Grindrod went on to confirm that, “I will not withdraw my criminal case of crimen injuria against the offender.”

Grindrod added that once the police have apprehended the person in question, “I will urgently institute a civil action for defamation and damages in the High Court. I will not stop until my good name and reputation are restored and this individual faces the legal consequences of his lies and slander.”

He further thanked members of the blogging community for their messages of support and assistance in attempting to track the individual responsible for the website and said that, “I am determined that this individual should be challenged once and for all, to prevent him creating further hurt and distress to others in the future.”

Referring to fears that the media frenzy around the blog, as well as its rumoured connection with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance, could put the gay community in a bad light, Grindrod had this to say:

“As in most cases, the irresponsible actions of one individual should never be allowed to negatively impact on the image and perceptions of a particular community as a whole.”

According to the blog Cape Town News, edited by Richard Catto, the IP address of the mystery author has been traced to Mitchells Plain in the Western Cape.

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