Wentworth Miller is not gay, OKAY!

Certain gay gossip blogs – like Perezhilton.com – are aflame with outraged disbelief after 34 year old Wentworth Miller again insisted that he is not gay. The star of Prison Break said in an interview in which rumours about his sexuality were brought up that, “No, I’m not gay. I know these rumours are out there…I’m cool with the fact that they exist. I mean this is about fantasy. Certain people are going to have certain fantasies. If someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man or one of each, that’s cool with me as long as you keep watching the show.” The rumours just won’t die though, and Perezhilton.com claims knowledge of past ‘indiscretions’. We’ll let you make up your own mind.

Barbara Walters dragged into Rosie and Donald feud

The very public ego feud between openly-gay Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump seems to show no sign of ending. And now veteran TV show host Barbara Walters – who tried to calm the waters – has been well and truly dragged into the furore. It all started when Rosie made some unflattering comments (“snake-oil salesman”) about Donald on her show The View. Donald retaliated with a series of interviews in which he got very personal; slating her, calling her fat and making subtly homophobic remarks. He also claimed that Barbara – who co-hosts The View with Rosie – had sided with him in a phone call. She denied this on air, but nevertheless ended up in a heated argument with Rosie at the studio a few days later when Rosie returned from her two-week holiday. Now Donald has written a letter in which he climbs into Barbara, calling her “a liar” who’s “lied to both of us.” He also called Rosie “very self destructive”. Rosie and Donald have continued their slinging match over whose show is most successful, with Rosie recently expressing much happiness that the latest season of The Apprentice in the U.S. was not as successful as expected. The two women have admitted that they fought but say that things have been patched up. Donald responded by calling Barbara “a sad figurehead dominated by a third-rate comedian”. How very entertaining… Watch this space…

George Michael pleads innocent

Singer George Michael has claimed innocence in London to charges of possession of marijuana and that he is unfit to drive. Although he didn’t make it to court (apparently with the permission of the judge) his lawyer argued the case be dismissed because of the legality of blood samples that were taken by the authorities. The judge agreed to discuss the issue on March 7 but set a tentative trial date of April 23 anyway. You may remember that George was arrested in September last year after police found him passed out in his car – apparently after a dope binge. Former acquaintances later expressed concern that his heavy weed smoking was affecting his music career.

Jolie clears the air over Madonna comments

Angelina Jolie is furious about reports in which it seemed that she criticised Madonna for the way she went about adopting a Malawian child. The actress – who has a developing world adopted duo herself – insists she was misquoted by the French magazine that interviewed her on the subject. She also says that her positive comments were ignored by the journalist. Angelina reiterated what she’s said before, namely that she was “horrified by the attacks she’s [Madonna] been subjected to.”

Model comes out as lesbian on chat show

Canadian super model Eve Salvail has confirmed that she is indeed one for girl-on-girl action. She officially came out in a TV interview with colleague Tyra Banks on the Tyra Banks Show. Eve was a top model in the 90’s for designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and has appeared in a number of films. She also famously caused a fuss when she shaved her hair for a modelling job. In the show, Tyra admitted that she had no idea that Eve was lesbian when they worked together in the 90’s. Eve said she was discreet about the relationship with her girlfriend at the time and that “She was my make-up artist, my manager, my hairdresser, my everything else”.

X-Men gay wedding

One of the stars of the popular X-Men movie has ‘married’ his same-sex partner. Actor Alan Cumming, who starred as Nightcrawler in X-Men 2 and has acted in numerous other films such as the Spy Kids franchise entered into a Civil Partnership with illustrator Grant Shaffer in London this week. The couple have been together for two years. According to E! Online, Cumming wore a black shirt and tie with an oatmeal-coloured linen suit, while his hubby sported a black striped suit with a shirt and tie. Apart from a successful acting career on stage and screen, Alan has long been a gay rights activist. We wish them all the best.

Justin embraces the single life

It really seems as if Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are no longer an item. According to numerous reports, 25 year old Justin has been repeatedly seen in the company of one Scarlett Johansson – the incredibly hot Hollywood actress. The two have apparently become close after he asked Scarlett to star in his new video. Justin also just launched his FutureSex/LoveShow 2007 World Tour in San Diego which will see him on the road for months. He’ll no doubt be tempted by plenty of groupies. It must be good to be a single, young, hot, and very wealthy pop-star….

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are “worst-dressed”

It’s come as no surprise to us really. Mr. Blackwell has released his 47th annual “Worst Dressed Women” list and Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are both tied in the number 1 spot. He called the party girls “two peas in an over-exposed pod” and “style-free and fashion deprived.” We’re confused, surely “worst dressed” means that they’d actually have to wear clothes? The trashy duo are followed in second place by Camilla Parker-Bowles (“The Duchess of Dowdy”), Lindsay Lohan (third: “from adorable to deplorable”), Christina Aguilera (fourth: “all crass, no class”) and Mariah Carey (fifth: “the Queen of Catastrophic Kitsch”). The top ten also includes such “fashionistas” as Paula Adbul, Sharon Stone, Tori Spelling, Sandra Oh and Meryl Streep. Mr. Blackwell however has more complimentary words for the celebs he believes are getting the dressing-up thing right including: Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Helen Mirren, Barbra Streisand, Nancy Pelosi, Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Heidi Klum and Marcia Cross.

Lindsay Lohan’s miraculous recovery

The ever-hospitalised Lindsay Lohan was again under medical care recently. Reps for the actress-party-girl claimed that she was having her appendix removed. However, shortly after being released, she was spotted partying hard and fast. Watch those stitches girl! Nasty rumour mongers have also claimed that AA-attending Lindsay’s best new friend at clubs – a water bottle – actually contains vodka. Eish! Either the girl is completely out of control, or some people REALLY don’t like her.

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