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Siya Khumalo: Minister Ntshavheni shows how fashionable it is to throw platitudes at the LGBTI+ community around Pride Month: The South African government must offer more than token gestures of solidarity to the LGBTI+ community this Pride Month, writes Siya Khumalo.
Why the LGBTI+ community should fight for economic and systemic redress: It's time that South Africa creates a solution for the legacy of discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation, writes Siya Khumalo.
Siya Khumalo | LGBTI People Are Already Being Killed Over B-BBEE — But Do We Realize This?: Corruption and the murders of LGBTI people are connected and can be addressed using B-BBEE to challenge hegemonic power, writes Siya Khumalo.
Siya Khumalo | 5 Reasons B-BBEE legislation should incentivise LGBTI inclusion and visibility: Siya Khumalo asks if the resurgence of hate crimes calls for LGBTI inclusion into legislation like Employment Equity and Skills Development.
Beloftebos Wedding Venue: Heterosexism and Colonial Christianity: In the wake of the religious homophobia that led the Beloftebos wedding venue to reject a same-sex couple, author Siya Khumalo looks at the roots of toxic Christianity.
Opinion | The news headline should have screamed ‘Murder’: It's reported that Uganda plans to introduce a bill that will impose the death penalty on LGBTQ people. Siya Khumalo looks at the religious basis for the proposed law and says South Africa must speak out against this injustice.
Opinion: Let boys play with dolls so they don’t grow into Trash: It’s easy to think society has “a long way to go” before solving its problems.