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Peter Tatchell: Pope Benedict demonised LGBT+ people: Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell remembers the late Pope, Benedict XVI, for his homophobia that impacted millions around the world.
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FUTURE SEX: THE END OF GAY?: The annual season of LGBTI Pride celebrations in many countries is drawing to close. It is time to blow our whistles but also to pause
FUTURE SEX: BEYOND GAY & STRAIGHT: British human rights icon Peter Tatchell argues that in the future we’re more likely to see less homophobia and more homosexuality as gay and straight identities become blurred and redundant.
FOOTBALL HOMOPHOBIA STAYS IN PLAY: With the World Cup on our doorstep, Peter Tatchell takes a look at the fiasco surrounding plans by Britain’s Football Association to combat homophobia in the game.
MALCOLM X WAS BISEXUAL. GET OVER IT: The UK's Black History Month should help break down homophobia by celebrating the sexuality of black heroes such as Malcolm X, writes Peter Tatchell.
OUR LOST GAY RADICALISM: The Stonewall riots of 40 years ago led to demands for liberation. Now we meekly hope for equality, writes human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.
THANK YOU MAYOR LUSHKOV: Moscow's mayor tried to crush the city's gay pride parade. In so doing, he did the cause of gay rights in Russia a huge service, writes British activist Peter Tatchell.
IRAQ’S QUEER UNDERGROUND RAILROAD: A secret network of safe houses and escape routes is saving gay Iraqis from execution by Islamist death squads, writes Peter Tatchell, the British human rights campaigner.