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PET ADVERTORIAL: FLEA & SKIN SOLUTIONS: It’s the end of Summer but we're still experiencing extreme temperatures. It’s in these conditions when our pets become vulnerable to fleas, skin allergies and irritation.
MAMBA PETS: WET VS DRY FOOD: What's the best diet for cats and dogs? A dry diet in the form of a pellet or kibble, or a wet diet in the form of home-cooked meals, raw food or canned food?
MAMBA PETS: NATURAL REMEDIES: Summer can be a problematic time for our pets. It is a period when allergens from long grass and dust mites are rife and when they risk being infested by fleas.
MAMBA PETS: THE TRUTH ABOUT PET FOOD?: How much thought do you put into what you feed your pet? Would you be surprised to learn that major pet food companies undertake animal testing?