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A tribute to Elizabeth Nkoli: the loving mother of Simon Nkoli: Motlatsi Motseoile pays homage to Elizabeth Nkoli, the mother of queer icon Simon Nkoli, in a moving tribute that honours her life.
Motlatsi Mkalala: Profile of an out and proud banker: Motlatsi Mkalala's success is an emphatic affirmation that a black openly queer man can thrive in the traditionally conservative corporate world.
Doctor Dulcy Rakumakoe – fulfilling her destiny: Motlatsi Motseoile talks to LGBTIQ+ role model Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe about her path to success and what it means to be a social entrepreneur.
Do we care about LGBTQ foreign nationals?: Motlatsi Motseoile asks if South Africa's LGBTQ community has empathy for LGBTQ foreign nationals hoping for a better life in our country.
Let’s talk about (queer) sex! HOLA Africa’s Tiffany Mugo: Motlatsi Motseoile talks to author and editor Tiffany Mugo about her work exploring and documenting queer sexuality in all its diversity.
Queer love | Meeting the right one, but always at the wrong time: I have prayed, hoped and dreamed when it comes to love and relationships and yet somehow, I feel like those prayers always get ‘blue-ticked’.
Motlatsi Motseoile | A year of loss, recovery and community: As 2021 comes to a close, Motlatsi Motseoile looks back on a year that was often defined by losses, but also friendship and community.
Opinion | Am I Black or Queer first?: The famous words of Simon Nkoli echo as I think – am I Black or Queer first? The answer is, unfortunately, not as simple as we'd like it to be.
Queer dating | Is it time I embraced non-monogamy?: A recent article about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s relationship, got me questioning if monogamy is really my default setting.
Queer dating 101 | What to ask on your first date: Going on a first date can be a make or break moment in a possible relationship. So what are the must-discuss topics, asks Motlatsi Motseoile.