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MASTURBATING MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE: According to the US edition of Men’s Health, masturbating is not only fun but also has a whole bunch of health benefits.
STUDY: PORN MAKES STRAIGHT MEN MORE ACCEPTING OF GAYS: A study from the US has suggested a novel method of persuading straight men to be more supporting of their gay brothers: get them to watch dirty videos.
WHAT MAKES GAY RELATIONSHIPS DIFFERENT?: When I was asked to write an article on relationships I cringed, not because I’m relationship-phobic but because I have come to realise that Psychology textbooks seldom speak to the variation of same-sex relationships.
OPINION: PAN-AFRICAN PARLIAMENT – A HOMOPHOBIC MONEY PIT: African politicians have demanded the criminalisation of homosexuality across all of Africa. And this is happening right here on South African soil, at the expense of our taxpayers, writes Lance Weyer.
NEW YORK CITY PRIDE – THE MOTHER PRIDE: Lance Weyer, Mr. Gay South Africa 2011/2012, was recently invited to speak at Human Rights Watch in New York City on LGBTI issues in South Africa. He also took part in the city's Pride celebrations, one of the world’s oldest.
POLITICAL NOISE – TRADITIONAL LEADERS & GAY RIGHTS: Lance Weyer, Mr. Gay South Africa 2011 and a Buffalo City Metro councillor, gives us some perspective on the recent furore over efforts by traditional leaders to erode LGBT equality in South Africa.
TRADITIONAL COURTS EQUAL PERSECUTION OF RURAL LGBTI: Lance Weyer, Mr Gay South Africa 2011 and a DA City Council Member, writes about the Traditional Courts Bill that would effectively make rural LGBTI people little more than serfs.
LANCE WEYER: AID A TOOL FOR CHANGE: Mr. Gay South Africa 2011 Lance Weyer writes for Mambaonline, arguing that despite controversy about the issue, he remains a firm believer in aid being used to leverage countries to improve their human rights.