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YOUR PERSONALS AD AS A HOT COMMODITY: As Valentine’s Day approaches, Brian L Rzepczynski looks at online dating sites as a means to locate and meet compatible dating partners that mesh with your needs.
5 SIMPLE THINGS: Is your relationship getting a little boring? Taking each other for granted? Brian Rzepczynski gives you five simple things gay partners can do that can make all the difference.
GAY, SINGLE AND LOVING IT: Being single can be one of the most enjoyable and transformational times of your life. Brian L. Rzepczynski offers some suggestions for making the most of the single life.
SECRETS OF GAY-SUPER COUPLES: So what makes a healthy and lasting long-term gay relationship successful? Brian Rzepczynski lists his top 10 qualities of gay “super-couples”.
A CALENDAR OF LOVE TASKS: Many of us have made personal New Year’s resolutions. But what about your relationship? Check out Brian Rzepczynski’s calendar of love tasks for gay couples for the New Year.
GAY DATING AND THE AVERAGE JOE: What if you’re a single guy who might be low on the “hotness scale”? Brian Rzepczynski offers some tips to help Mr Joe Average navigate through the often cruel waters of gay dating.
WHEN ‘NOT TONIGHT, HONEY’ BECOMES THE NORM: PART 2: In part two, Brian L. Rzepczynski offers strategies on how to manage and overcome barriers to intimacy so that you can enjoy a healthy relationship.
WHEN ‘NOT TONIGHT, HONEY’ BECOMES THE NORM: Part 1: A large portion of intimate partners struggle on a daily basis with incompatible desires to have sex and it can create serious problems in relationships.
THE INSECURE PARTNER: Insecurity is no fun. It’s that nagging feeling of angst and anxiety, of being unsettled and worried. Brian Rzepczynski looks at possible causes and offers a few tips.
CALMING THE STORM IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP: Put two men together with their own sets of needs, values, personality traits, and life histories and experiences and you have fertile ground for potential clashes.