Global Pride Report Celebrates LGBTIQ Resilience


Soweto Pride is cited in the report as one of the alternative Pride events in South Africa that aim to amplify grassroots community voices (Photo: MambaOnline)

In a year marked by discriminatory laws and hostile political discourse, LGBTQI+ communities and allies showcased their resilience by organising Pride and visibility events in over 100 countries worldwide.

Released during Pride Month 2024, Outright International’s latest report, Beyond the Rainbows and Glitter: Pride Around the World in 2023, offers an in-depth analysis of the state of Pride events and LGBTQI+ visibility on a global scale.

Pride Across the Globe: A Snapshot

According to Outright’s findings, 2023 saw Pride or public visibility events in 101 of the 193 United Nations member states. Notably, 61 of these countries held Pride events in more than one city.

Despite a slight decline from 2022, when Pride events took place in 105 countries, the global LGBTQI+ movement remained vibrant and determined.

Adapting to Challenges

In 92 countries, no public Pride events were held due to safety concerns. In these regions, activists opted for private gatherings to commemorate significant dates such as Pride, the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT), and other key events.

“Pride involves a delicate balance between safety and the urgency of being seen and heard,” explained Ohotuowo Ogbeche, Outright’s Global Researcher and lead author of the report. Ogbeche emphasised the necessity for governments to protect the freedom of assembly and expression to ensure the safety of Pride events.

Resistance in the Face of Oppression

The report highlights the harsh legislative attacks on LGBTQI+ rights in places like Uganda, Russia, Iraq, and multiple US states. Despite these challenges, LGBTQI+ movements demonstrated both strategic retreats and bold advances.

Activists in Argentina, El Salvador, Italy, and Florida showcased resilience by holding vibrant Pride events that asserted their communities’ right to exist amidst political hostility.

Intersectional Pride

In 2023, Pride events also focused on inclusivity and intersectionality. In South Africa, Black LGBTQI+ individuals organised alternative Prides to address issues such as hate crimes, femicide, racism, and homophobia.

Similarly, intersex organisations in Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela leveraged Pride to advocate for intersex rights.

Positive Change in Mauritius

A landmark achievement in Mauritius saw the highest court decriminalize same-sex relations in October 2023.

Activist Tanya Lallmon noted that Pride in Mauritius played a significant role in reducing hostility and portraying LGBTQI+ individuals as integral members of society. “Over time, there has been a noticeable increase in media attention, casting the event in a favourable light,” Lallmon said.

A Call to Action

Outright International’s report, supported by Balenciaga and, also covers Pride events in Bangladesh, Belize, Hong Kong, India, Italy, and Kosovo, while discussing disability inclusion and the perspectives of migrants and refugees.

The report underscores the importance of Pride events in building public awareness, connecting communities, and articulating advocacy demands.

Outright International has urged governments worldwide to uphold LGBTQI+ rights to freedom of expression and assembly, allowing Pride and other visibility events to flourish and continue their vital role in resisting oppression and fostering inclusivity.

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