WQMD – Queer Representation in the Media


We’re Queer my Dear (WQMD), the acclaimed, informative, and empowering LGBTIQA+ online web series returns for its third season.

Queer narratives are often portrayed in a condescending light in the mainstream media and queer topics are rarely presented authentically. It is often up to queer publications to do damage control, put out the fires of misinformation and break the narrative of stereotyping an already marginalised community.

In episode 2 of Season 3 of WQMD, we talk to guest Dumisani Macdonald Dube about the mainstream media’s representation of queer issues.

WQMD was created by top South African drag artist, activist, performer and entrepreneur Shenay O’Brien (Producer) and Jennis Williamson (Director) in 2019 and is presented on MambaOnline.com – South Africa’s leading LGBTQ news platform.

The show is hosted by a proudly LGBTIQA+ trio: Shenay, of course; actor, presenter, beatboxer and activist, Tina Redman; and entrepreneur, designer, and brand developer, Jodi Deerling.

For the 2022 edition, Shenay, Tina and Jodi get more personal, debate new thought-provoking topics and welcome an array of guests who offer their perspectives and experiences to viewers.

Watch Season 3 Ep 2 below.

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