Gay dating | 6 reasons you should consider dating an older man


In an article about some guys’ attraction to the older man, Loren A. Olsen writes about an exchange he once had with a younger man who constantly falls for older guys. Describing this preference, the young man said: “I like men with rounded corners; they have all their sharp edges worn off”.

While age, of course, is never a guarantee of maturity for everyone, an older guy is more likely to have gotten his life together. In a culture where gay and bisexual men are often shunned from the pool of potential partners once they reach a certain age, it’s worth again highlighting the many benefits there may be to dating an older guy.

1. He has more life experience

Having more life experience means that older guys are treasure troves of information, anecdotes and wisdom. When you’re dating an older man, you can count on lively conversation that’s rarely boring, with titbits of erudition sprinkled through. He’s less likely to be bothered by nonsense and to take things too seriously.

2. He has a good idea of who he is

That young man’s reason for dating someone a little older rings true here. While we’re all a little rough around the edges to start off with, people who’ve been around longer have worked out a lot of the kinks, and have a good understanding of who they are and what they want. Consider yourself lucky if they choose you!

3. He’s likely to be more tolerant to your physical imperfections

Older gay guys have most likely seen it all. If you often find yourself feeling self-conscious about your physical appearance when you’re with a partner, an older guy is likely to set your mind at ease in this regard. And you can count on him to express his appreciation for your youthful physique on a regular basis!

4. He’s probably an experienced and caring lover

With age comes experience and expertise. An experienced lover is likely to widen your sexual horizons like never before. You may also find that older men could be more open to emotional and physical intimacy in bed.

5. He’s not afraid to look to the future

Earlier in life, trying to imagine a future with someone can be unnerving. Still, many of us realise a need to settle down at some stage. With an older man, you won’t necessarily have the same anxiety about planning a future together that you would with someone younger, as they may simply think about the passage of time differently.

6. He’s probably more stable

Money is often cited as a reason why younger men may be interested in older men (blessers, anyone?). While that may be true for some, that’s not what we’re talking about here. An older man is just likely to be a more stable and secure partner in terms of their lifestyle, emotional maturity and their approach to life – simply because they’ve been around a little longer. And that can be a very attractive thing.

If you’ve always wanted to try your luck with a silver fox but weren’t sure if you should, let this be your incentive: older gay guys can be the full package – in more ways than one!

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