This tender music video celebrates young queer love


A new music video collaboration between producer Andrea Consoli and Lima Alpha Uniform is a heartwarming celebration of young queer love that you must watch.

Young Ones was co-written between London and Johannesburg and includes vocals by Lima Alpha Uniform, a queer artist of British-Chinese origin.

“It’s about your first love, that moment frozen in time, the universal feeling,” says Lima Alpha Uniform. “You see your first love on the street: it’s been so long that at first you don’t even recognise them. But then the memories come flooding back.”

The accompanying video depicts an idealised young, queer, mixed-race romance in the 90s. It features Lima Alpha Uniform alongside Wassim Gilbert, a.k.a Baba Ganoosh, a popular mixed-race drag artist; both based in Johannesburg.

“There was no visibility of mixed-race queer relationships when I was growing up. So this video seeks to change history and set things right, at a time when ‘LGBT’ in the UK is too often mistaken for white gay men,” explains Lima Alpha Uniform.

The Sicilian-born and London-based Consoli has been shaking up the electronic music scene for the last two decades. With 5 single releases in 2019 and support from BBC Music Introducing, Triple J Australia, Kiss FM UK, Mixmag and DJMag, Consoli’s profile is gathering international momentum.

Lima Alpha Uniform (Alex Lau) grew up playing classical violin and piano, took up opera and became the youngest ever Musical Director of the Royal Berkshire Academy.

“My surname is difficult for some British people, so I’m used to spelling it out: Lima Alpha Uniform. That name reflects my upbringing, my queerness and my music. In each, I’m an outsider, trying to build bridges,” they explain.

Lima Alpha Uniform continues to evolve their live work, including performances at Artivist Johannesburg, Tileyard Studios, Sofar Sounds and the London Youtube Space.

Watch the video for Young Ones below.

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