Kill-the-gays Pastor Steven Anderson banned by Australia


Australia has joined more than 30 countries, including South Africa, to ban American gay hate pastor Steven Anderson.

The extremist preacher appeared to see this as a twisted badge of honour when he announced the news on social media.

“I just got word back today that, basically, I’m banned from Australia. My ETA [Electronic Travel Authority travel visa] was denied by Australia. I’m not going to be permitted to enter the country,” he said in a YouTube video.

He explained that he’d been set to visit Australia to preach at New Life Baptist Church on the Sunshine Coast and in Sydney. Anderson said he now plans to “do a soul-winning and preaching event in Christchurch and Auckland, New Zealand.”

He added, “if I don’t get banned from New Zealand. So we’ll see what happens.”

In May, Anderson became the first person to be banned in Ireland through legislation enacted 20 years ago. He was then also blocked from entering the 26 “Schengen” area countries in Europe because of his vile hate speech.

Anderson, who is also known for his anti-semitic views, has called for the execution of LGBTQ people and stated that their eradication would free the world from the AIDS epidemic. He praised the Orlando Massacre, stating that “There’s 50 less paedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and paedophiles.”

Anderson heads up the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona and has also urged his followers to pray that Caitlyn Jenner, whom he described as “a filthy sodomite,” dies and goes to hell.

On 13 September 2016, South Africa’s then-Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba declared Anderson “a prohibited person” after being presented with a dossier of evidence and petitions signed by more than 60,000 people.

Anderson has also been deported from Botswana, banned from entering the UK, Canada and Jamaica and was told that he is not welcome in Malawi.

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