SABC presenter says homosexuality is a problem and abnormal


SABC sports presenter Coudjoe Amankwaa (Pic: Twitter)

An SABC sports presenter has revealed his true colours with a series of homophobic tweets, leading to calls for the broadcaster to take him to task.

Coudjoe Amankwaa, a sports analyst, researcher and scriptwriter at the SABC, started the furore on Sunday when he tweeted: “Is gay a naturally born condition or a choice?”

The question led to a flurry of replies, with some questioning the tweet’s appropriateness and criticising his description of homosexuality as a “condition.”

#SaluteOrangeArmy (@Mntungwa99) commented, “if u say it’s a choice, u mean u are also choosing to be straight. Don’t be stupid man. It’s 2015,” while Sikho (‏@Sikho_N) asked, “Did you choose to be black? Would you choose to be black seeing how oppressed blacks are? Why would gays choose oppression?”

About an hour later, Amankwaa responded to the outrage by stating: “The mere fact that you cannot respond rationally on the issues of gayism shows that it’s a problem and abnormality.”

CliffCentral presenter Brent Lindeque responded: “Utterly disgusted with @coudjoeamankwaa & his homophobic derogatory comments. Hope @SABCNewsOnline will take action.”

sabc_presenter_tweets_homosexuality_is_abnormal_problemLindeque went on to argue that the SABC could not ignore Amankwaa’s statements because “he works for them & is using a public platform to openly discriminate against fellow South Africans…”

Amankwaa previously tweeted on the subject of gay people just a day earlier.

On the 4th of April he wrote, “What is this trend among some gay guys, who go for hot chicks and ask their hands in marriages, knowing they fire blanks all day, all time 24/7” and, “Some gay guys are weird! Vele…”

Amankwaa likely realised that his “abnormality” comment could have far reaching consequences and later deleted it, although screengrabs were taken of the disturbing remark.

What do you think: Should the SABC discipline Amankwaa, or are his comments ultimately a private matter unconnected to his job?

Update: 9 April 2015 – The SABC and Coudjoe Amankwaa have issued a statement apologising for the remarks and claiming that the tweets were posted by someone else without his permission. Read more here.

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