Bi man with two penises writes memoir


man_with_two_penises_writes_memoirA bisexual man who amazingly sports two fully functional penises has decided to tell all in a new book.

Known initially as DoubleDickDude, he has a rare condition called diphallia, which occurs in around one in five million men in the US.

The man, who has remained anonymous, first caught the public’s attention early last year when he held a Q&A on Reddit.

At the time he revealed that he was in a relationship with a man and woman and urinated and climaxed from both penises.

He has now published a book, Double Header: My Life With Two Penises, under the name of Diphallic Dude.

Rolling Stone described it as “an entertaining, detailed, incredibly not-safe-for-work e-memoir.”

He told the magazine that he decided to write the book because, “There are still a few questions that come through that weren’t asked before, and I realized that there are still people who are genuinely curious.”

Diphallic Dude explained: “Really, it just stuns me almost a year later that people are still reaching out to me. So I thought I should put a book together and use that to answer questions; but also give voice to people who might feel lost in the cracks. Even today bisexual people like myself are given more grief than you’d realize. We’re still ‘confused’ or ‘cowards,’ ‘too afraid to admit we’re gay.’ Which is a load of crap.”

And while some men might see having two penises as a gift, he said that it has often come at a price. “Take it from the guy with two penises, teen years and high school are not made any better with an extra penis. My penises made life hell for a while.

“People are still horribly judgmental about things they don’t understand. They are nasty and hold a lot of resentment towards people and things they feel threatened by.”

He said that he will never reveal his identity because he fears life would never be the same again.

“If I went public and on camera, from that moment on I’d be the guy with two dicks, not me. My neighbours would know the guy with two dicks lived next door. The butcher at the grocery store would know, the girl at the drive-thru would probably find out. I’d never be able to do anything the same way again. I’d get asked to take them out and show them to people randomly. That’s not a cool idea if you ask me.”

Double Header: My Life With Two Penises is available through

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