isis_militant_gays_animals_worst_creaturesA video has emerged in which an Isis (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) militant attacks gay people, equating them to animals, drug dealers and paedophiles.

The propaganda video shows a masked man holding an AK-47 rifle. In accented English, he urges Muslims to move to areas controlled by the terrorist organisation, which has been condemned for its massacres of non-believers and for beheading Western hostages.

The man boasts of houses, security, beautiful rivers and “brothers and sisters already here that came and are giving all of their good ideas to implement a good, strong Islamic community.”

He warns parents who live in non-Islamic countries that their children will be taught by non-believers: “Maybe a gay, maybe a drug dealer, maybe a paedophile.”

The man goes on to state: “It’s very important for you to protect your children from these animals, from these dirty people.

“Allah says that they are the worst of creatures. You prefer to live among the worst of creatures than live among the mujahideen. Make your decision,” he says.

The video was reportedly posted on the extremist website in April, but has recently generated renewed interest.

The identity of the man is unknown, although there are claims that he may be of Portuguese origin.

With its championing of extremist Sharia law, which allows for the execution of gay people, many LGBT people in the Middle East are concerned about the growing influence of Isis in the region.

President Obama has committed the US and its allies to “degrade and ultimately destroy” Isis.

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