Beefcakes is a Cape Town gay village institution – known for its beefy burgers, even beefier waiters and camp-as-can-be entertainment. Now Joburgers can get in on all the action; a sister branch has just opened in Illovo.

When brothers Grant and Andrew Eglin opened up Beefcakes, their jaunty burger-cum-cabaret bar on the edge of Cape Town’s gaybourhood three years ago, they never imagined that it would be the success it has become.

The idea was to reproduce a fun 50s retro-diner Burger Bar with a hint of madness, touch of campery and a dash of chic.

This was achieved with a combination of the best beef in town (in the form of scrumptious burgers and the hottest, beefiest waiters serving them), friendly and efficient and not to mention gorgeous staff, and some general tomfoolery courtesy of some of the best live drag acts in town…and did we mention the hot boys?

It is a formula which has clearly worked as the restaurant is packed seven days a week, with waiting lists on Cabaret nights. It is a popular starting off point for clubbers who do not necessarily want to eat, and the bar, manned by beautiful topless barmen, is packed on most nights, but especially on weekends. And being located on Cape Town’s Fan Walk leading to Cape Town Stadium, it is an ideal place to party on match or concert days.

For quite a while, loyal patrons from out of town have been begging Grant and Andrew to open up a Beefcakes in Jozi. And their wish has come true when Beefcakes opened its doors in Illovo on 29 September. Beefcakes Jozi will be a replica of the Cape Town mother ship in every way, but being in Joburg, it will be bigger, brasher and just more.

There will be a few familiar faces from the Cape to get the ball rolling. ODIDiva, Cape Town’s Live First Lady of Song will bring a taste of the Mother City to the City of Gold for the first month, as well as taking pride of place on the Beefcakes float at Joburg Pride.

After that, Beefcakes will be featuring some of Gauteng’s fiercest drag divas all under one roof. South Africa’s First Lady of Flying Cathy Specific hosts Bitchy Bingo every Tuesday.

Dame Crystal Chandelier, the Grande Dame of Drag, will be the first of many guests on Wednesday nights.

Cathy Specific is back with the Trolley Dollies every Thursday in October, sprinkling her magic, with a little help from her friends Molly and Holly, the deliciously decadent red-head and the tantalizingly tempting brunette.

With superb choreography and harmony, these delicious divas will swallow you whole and spit nothing out! Big, busty and beautifully bodacious…fasten your seatbelts…this ride is anything but a drag!

Fridays and Saturdays are party nights and since they are neighbours, Beefcakes and Babylon the Bar will be working hand in hand to plan some amazing events, starting with a giant Joburg Pride After party on Saturday 6 October. Who knows, maybe Illovo is set to be the new Heartland!


Too trolleyed to drive? Never fear. You can leave your car in the one of the five floors of underground parking and take advantage of Beefcakes’ swift and safe Taxi Service and not worry about roadblocks and breathalysers. Then whoever you went home with can bring you back to collect your car in the morning.


The new Beefcakes will have an in-house shop where you can buy everything you need for a good night out including feather boas, masks and hats. You can also buy mementos of your great out night from range of Beefcakes branded products, such as vests, T-shirts, postcards, wine-coolers and

Beefcakes Jozi at 198 Oxford St, Illovo, is open for lunch, coffee, cocktails and dinner from 00.00 a.m. to 00.00 a.m.

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